How fast is 400 Mbps Internet Speed? Is 400 Mbps speed good for Streaming & Gaming?

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If you are trying to find the answer that if 400 Mbps internet speed is good or not? Then in this post i am going to answer this question, as well as i will also tell you if 400 Mbps speed is good for Streaming & Gaming or not.

How fast is 400 Mbps Internet Speed? Is 400 Mbps speed good for Streaming & Gaming?

How fast is 400 Mbps Internet Speed?

To simply put it, a 400 Mbps speed for an Internet connection is quite fast. Recently, with the development and introduction of new technologies such as fiber optics in the field of communication and telecommunication, internet speeds upto 1 Gbps is also quite possible to attain. 

However, when the question of how much speed is enough for streaming videos online as well as playing games online, the answer can be a little different from what one would conventionally expect.

Generally speaking if you have a 400 Mbps Internet Speed at your home or office, then Streaming and Gaming online should be any issue at all.

The games we have today or are getting developed still have a long way to go before they can actually say that a 400 Mbps internet connectivity is lacking and short for them.

But, then why am I still saying that the answer to the above question is not as straight as it should have been. 

Well, this is because when it comes to playing games online and streaming it, there are other things as well to look at and take into consideration.

Things like ping, amount of latency, bandwidth and other such similar technical aspects play a great role in deciding whether the connection you have at home is suitable for gaming online or not. 

Most ISP providers out there will just mention the speed of the connection you are subscribing to and leave it there without mentioning the other aspects as mentioned above. This information is enough if you are just planning to stream and browse online.

But, if you are looking forward to gaming and streaming online, then it is a good idea to ask in detail about what your ISP providers are providing to get the complete picture and then decide on whether to subscribe to their offered service or not.

To get a better idea of what to look out for and enquire about, when getting an internet connection for the purpose of gaming and streaming, I have come up with the following article.

Here, I’ll try to list out as well as explain to you what are the few things to look out for while getting your connection as well as what do’s and don’ts you should perform and avoid to have a finer gaming experience. 

How much internet speed is enough for gaming & streaming online?

An internet connection with a download speed of 25 Mbps and Upload speed close to 3 or 5 Mbps is more than enough if you are playing games on a single machine.

Be it a gaming PC or gaming console, does not matter much. As long as you have an uninterrupted and stable internet speed of 25 Mbps download and 1 to 3 Mbps upload, you should have a pretty smooth experience. 

However, if you have multiple systems over a single network and that too you are streaming and playing games on all of them.

Then depending upon the number of machines connected, you might need to opt for an internet connection providing higher download speeds as well as upload. 

Hence, if you are planning to set up an entire Multiplayer gaming setup with more than 5 players at the same time.

Then it is a good idea to strategize how or which internet connection you would like to go for as well as the setup too, i.e. whether you will establish a wireless network or a wired one. 

As we discuss the various aspects further, you will understand better how even the ‘setup’ plays a crucial role in increasing the performance.

Additional factors essential for better online gaming & streaming

As promised, let us next have a look at the various factors needed to be taken into account to better enhance your gaming and streaming experience overall. 

Factor 1. Latency of your connection

This is by far one of the most important and crucial factors out there capable of affecting how smooth your gaming and streaming experience would be. 

Latency basically describes the time it takes for data or packets to travel through a network from its source to its destination, which in our case may be a server installed somewhere else in the globe. 

Hence, when talking about latency in terms of gaming online and streaming. It is actually the amount of time needed for a gaming system to communicate with a server online. For this reason the lesser the latency of a connection, the better and lag free your online multiplayer gaming experience.

Factor 2: Ping Signal

Well, this I would say actually falls within the subset of Latency. Many even look at it as a measurement of Latency as well.

By running a ping network test, one is able to determine how much time it takes for a data packet to reach its destination from its source. Something which as you had seen earlier may be termed as Latency in other words. 

And hence, more or less Ping and Latency resemble the same thing where ‘ping’ can be used to find the ‘latency’ of a network as a utility service offered by most systems out there.

Infact, you can also carry out a ping network test on your own by simply following the steps as described in the following article.

Factor 3: Loss of packet

This is pretty self explanatory I believe. When there is loss of packet due to some reason, your network speed as well as performance will automatically be affected.

Packet loss may be caused by a number of reasons that can be related to either hardware or software issues. However, games like MMORPG are generally most prone to packet loss, since they comprise multiple systems all at once over a single network or server.

Factor 4: Type of connection

This is actually one of the most important factors affecting your gaming experience. Something, which sadly most often gets neglected when someone gets an internet connection for the first time. 

Connections which are mostly wireless like Wi-fi, Satellite connections although might seem quite lucrative at first may actually work opposite to the needs you might have.

This is because when looking at it with respect to factors like latency and loss of packets, a wireless connection is in fact inferior to its wired counterparts such as fiber, DSL and coaxials. 

Moreover, the distance between the router, server and device has a great role to play too. This explains why Satellite established connections have more latency, given the distance between a device, server and a satellite which is thousands of miles away.


As you have seen and read above, there may be a number of factors affecting the speed or quality of your internet connection. Even though you have subscribed to a high speed internet connection to play games and stream online.

If the other factors are not considered and verified, then your experience might not be the like how you might have expected. 

Hence, it is always advised that you discuss all the above aspects thoroughly and in detail with your ISP provider to make a more sound decision while choosing a connection which best suits your needs.

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