How To Fix Monster Hunter World Error Code 50352-mw1?

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According to our research, Monster Hunter World error code 50352-mw1 occurs when users try to get online. If you are having this error then most probably the error is coming from the Monster Hunter World‘s servers. So first you must check the server status for the game, in case the servers are working fine then you should try troubleshooting your internet and device.

Monster Hunter World Error Code 50352-mw1

Fixes For Monster Hunter World Error Code 50352-mw1

Fix 1: Check The Server Status For The Game And Your System

Majority of the time the error comes because of some server issues. It can be the game servers or your system’s servers. So follow the links given below and make sure that servers are acting normally.

Fix 2: Refresh The Game And Device

This workaround was shared on Reddit and the user mentioned fixing the issue by doing so.

  • Close the app.
  • Then sign out from your launcher.
  • Then power off the gaming device.
  • Then restart the device and relaunch the game.
  • Then login back to your account.
  • Then check if the error persists.

Fix 3: Check For Updates

  • Next, check if you need to update the game, if there is a pending update then you should install it. After that check for the error.
  • If the game is updated then check if you need to update your system.

Fix 4: Try Network Troubleshoot

If everything is updated then our recommendation will be to troubleshoot your network.

  • Simply restart your internet and then go to any internet speed test website to check your connection strength.
  • Try using a wired internet connection with an ethernet cable to check if that helps. 
  • Try connecting over a different wifi connection or a mobile hotspot connection.

Key Highlight Of The Article

  • The error code 50352-mw1 in Monster Hunter World occurs when users try to get online, and it is likely caused by server issues. Checking the server status for the game and your system is the first step to troubleshoot this error.
  • Possible fixes for the error include refreshing the game and device by closing the app, signing out, powering off the gaming device, restarting it, and relaunching the game. Checking for updates for both the game and the system is also recommended.
  • If the error persists, network troubleshooting is suggested. This involves restarting the internet, checking the connection strength with an internet speed test, trying a wired internet connection with an ethernet cable, or connecting over a different WiFi connection or a mobile hotspot.

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