How To Fix NBA 2k24 Error Code 4e940a0d?

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If you are seeing the following NBA 2K24 error code 4e940a0d message on your game screens. Then, chances are you are seeing this as a result of an issue at the server end. We assume that the error is a server side error, as users from all kinds of platforms, be it PS4 or XBOX or PCs seem to be facing the same issue all over the globe these few days.

NBA 2k24 Error Code 4e940a0d

How To Resolve NBA 2k24 error code 4e940a0d?

If we consider the error to be caused due to a server related issue, then, there is actually nothing much you can do here anyways, but just wait it out till the error gets resolved on its own at the server end.

You can try some general troubleshooting fixes, such as rebooting your gaming consoles or PCs, resetting your network devices such as your router devices and modem, updating your graphics and network drivers and reinstalling the game fresh. 

These solutions might only be helpful if there is no problem at the server end, and the connection being unable to establish is only happening at your (client) end itself.

Fix 1: Check Server Status

One of the easiest ways to check for the server status of your game would be to check it out on their official server status page, or head to third party websites such as downdetector. 

NBA 2k24 Error Code 4e940a0d

There may be times however, when the server status page shows everything to be up and running fine, even though there might be a problem at the server end. 

NBA 2k24 Error 4e940a0d

Many users have claimed that the issue seems to be happening at the server end, even though the status of the servers are being shown to be up and running fine. 

NBA 2k24 Error 4e940a0d

In such situations, hence it would be a good idea to refer to online forums and discussions threads to check and see if other users are facing the same issue as you in and around the same time. And if so, then be certain that the issue is indeed a server related issue.

Fix 2: Check on Social Handles

If you find the status page to be obsolete or not pointing out the server issue as it should. Then, you can directly head to their official social media handles, or visit forums and threads online, to check and see if there is any recent news on the same error and others are facing the same issue as you as well.

NBA 2k24 Error 4e940a0d

As you can see from the screenshot above. Even though the official server page said that the servers were up and running fine. Still, there was indeed an issue with the game which was taken into account by their team on X (social media platform) and posted a clarification saying they were working to solve the issue at the earliest.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

When does the NBA 2k24 error code 4e940a0d occur?

NBA 2k24 error code 4e940a0d usually occurs after each game session.

What happens because of the NBA 2k24 error code 4e940a0d?

When the NBA 2k24 error code 4e940a0d appears, the user usually gets kicked out of the game on their own. Along with that, for some users, the error also prevents them from saving the progress of their game, where ranks may be compromised as well. 

What are the troubleshooting steps to fix NBA 2k24 error code 4e940a0d?

Given the fact that the issue is mainly related to issues with the servers. There is nothing much to do here anyways, rather than just check the server status from time to time, or contact with other users on their social  handles or other forums and discussion threads online.

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