How to fix Need For Speed Payback DirectX Error?

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Need For Speed Payback DirectX Error

When talking about racing games, one name which I believe would surely come up in most people’s mind is Need For Speed. This game is truly a legendary game in itself and still continues to be one till this date without a doubt.

However, no matter how perfect a game or product is, there will always be ups and downs. Out of which errors and bugs play a huge role too when we talk about the dilemmas of a software app such as our game today. And since you are already here reading the following article on, “How to fix the Need For Speed Payback DirectX Error?”. I believe you have already come across such a dilemma and need a fix, ASAP!

In the following article, we will try and cover it all. From why the error occurs in the first place, to the different ways to fix the Payback DirectX Error Code, we shall look into it all.

What causes the Need For Speed Payback DirectX Error Code?

There may be a number of reasons actually, why a DirectX Error Code may show up on your screens while launching the NFS Payback game. 

However, the most common or major reason why such an error may occur in the first place may happen when your Direct X system requirements are not met required to play a particular game. 

Apart from system requirements, other issues such as an outdated driver or Operating system may also add up in causing such an error to occur. 

The Direct X error may also occur if your system is low on memory or resource management is not properly being carried out by your system. 

So be it any of the reasons, the following solutions explained in the next section should pretty much help you solve the issue no matter what the reason may be upto a huge extent, unless it is something very critical.

How to fix Need For Speed Payback DirectX Error Code?

The solutions mentioned below can be considered a more generic troubleshooting approach, consisting of solutions to all possible causes which may cause the following DirectX Error Code to occur. 

Hence, you may try out the mentioned fixes in any manner in combination to each other, to find which works best for you.

Fix 1: Update your system OS

If you are playing the game on a system running Windows OS. Then to resolve the issue, you may try updating your Operating System. 

To update your OS, you can follow the steps as shown below:

  • Firstly, go to and click on the Windows Start icon from the Desktop toolbar.
  • Then, click on the Settings icon option from the left pane.
  • Next, from the Settings page, click on the Windows Update option besides My Account.
  • Then, on the Windows Update page, click on the Check for Updates button and click on the Update button, if any updates are available. 
  • Once the update is completed, let your PC restart on its own and then launch the game to check whether the error still persists.

Fix 2: Update your Graphics Driver

At times, an outdated graphics card can also cause the DirectX error to occur. 

However, if you are certain that your system has got the required graphics card installed. Then, updating the drivers might help solve the issue.

To update your graphics driver for a Windows’ system. You can follow the steps as shown below:

  • Go to the search bar on your Windows toolbar and search for the Run app.
  • Launch the Run app and type in devmgmt.msc inside the text box and hit on the OK button.
  • Next, from the device manager menu list, click on and expand the Display adapters option. 
  • Then, right click on the device or graphic driver you are using or want to update and from the drop down menu list, select the Update option.
  • Let the update take place and once you restart your device, launch the game and see if the error has been resolved.

Fix 3: Update Sound Drivers

You can also try updating your sound drivers as well, to see if that helps resolve the issue. 

The steps to update sound drivers are pretty much the same as shown above in the case of Graphics Driver. Only here, instead of expanding the Display Adapters, you will need to expand the Sound, video and game controllers option and Update the Audio driver by right clicking on it and selecting the update option as in the case before.

Fix 4: Install the latest DirectX version

If you do not have the most recent version of DirectX installed on your system. Then that too, might be responsible for such an error to occur. 

And if that is the case. Then, downloading and installing the latest version of DirectX on your system might just be enough to resolve the issue. 

You can download the latest version of DirectX from Microsoft’s official website here. And then, install it on your system as you would do incase of any similar application or program out there.

Fix 5: Uninstall and Reinstall the NFS Payback game

When such an error occurs out of the blue without prior issues. Then, it might be caused due to corrupted files or bugs within the program.

In such cases, it is hence best to simply uninstall the game completely and install it back fresh on your system to see if doing so helps solve the error message.


Hence, in this way you should be able to fix the Need For Speed Payback DirectX Error, pretty much on your own by trying out the following methods such as: Updating System OS, Updating Graphics Driver, Updating Sound Drivers, Installing the latest DirectX versions and Uninstalling & Reinstalling the game.

However, if you are still unable to fix the issue by yourself, even after having tried out the above methods. Then, it is advised that you directly contact EA Sports’ official HelpDesk and ask a rep to help you fix the issue.

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