How To Fix Netflix Error Code 3-5059?

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  • Platform: Netflix
  • Error Code: 3-5058
  • Error Says: You seem to be using a VPN or Proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again
  • Occurs: The error usually occurs while playing certain titles on the Netflix
  • Effect of the error: The error prevents users from streaming certain content or titles on Netflix

If you see the following Netflix Error Code 3-5059 prompted on your screen. Then, it usually indicates that there is an issue with a VPN service or proxy settings installed or set up on your systems. There may be times when a user might not have a VPN app or proxy installed. Still, they may see the following error to occur. 

Sadly, the error is still new and there is not much information to it, except for just that it usually shows up with the message saying that the error has occurred due to a VPN or Proxy.

Netflix Error Code 3-5059
Netflix Error Code 3-5059

Fixes For Netflix Error Code 3-5059

Fix 1: Try General Troubleshooting solutions

Although, there is not much information out there when it comes to solutions to solve the particular issue. Still, there are chances that you might be able to solve the particular error using general troubleshooting solutions helpful for other similar errors such as the “Netflix Error Code M7111-5059”.

Netflix Error 3-5059

As you can see from the screenshot above. The official Netflix support page provides Disabling VPN services and appsResetting network settings, and contacting ISP providers to try to solve such errors occurring due to VPN apps or Proxies.

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