How To Fix Netflix Error Code S7111-1331-2206?

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  • Platform: Netflix
  • Error Code: S7111-1331-2206
  • Error Says: “This title is not available to watch instantly” | “Sorry, your account can’t be used on this device”
  • Occurs: The error occurs when users try to stream any movies or tv shows
  • Effect of the Error: The error prevents users from streaming content on Netflix

What we have found out after having gone through a number of discussion threads and forums online, is that the following Netflix Error Code S7111-1331-2206 message mainly shows up as a result of a server issue at Netflix’s server end itself.

The particular error or issue was first seen to have occurred nearly seven years ago. Many users during that time seemed to have faced the issue all at the same time. And hence, because of that it would be safe for us to assume that the error is mainly a server related error and can only be solved by fixing the issue at the server end.

Netflix Error Code S7111-1331-2206

How To Resolve Netflix Error S7111-1331-2206?

Fix 1: Check Server Status

Just to be sure that the error is indeed a server related issue, and not something that you only are seeing. You can try and check for the server status for Netflix by heading to their official status page here, or you can also choose to visit various third party websites such as downdetector and isitdown, and find out if others in your region are facing the same error as well.

Netflix Error Code S7111-1331-2206

Fix 2: Use a VPN app or change your current location

Many users online have said that by using a third party app or service such as a VPN app, one can change their location to a different region to access servers from places where the error is not occurring or showing up. 

Netflix Error Code S7111-1331-2206
Netflix Error Code S7111-1331-2206

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