How To Fix Netflix Proxy / VPN Error But No VPN Or Proxy?

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If you are trying to watch Netflix but getting an error where Netflix says that you are using an unblocker or proxy or VPN but you are not using any of these services then this is a very known issue with Netflix, and here in this post, we will help you resolve this problem.

  • If you are getting the Proxy or VPN error even though you are not using any of these services then this mainly happens because of two reasons.
    • Your ISP is using IPs from different countries or states and because of this Netflix flagged your IP resulting in this error.
    • By mistake, Netflix flagged your IP.

Now to fix the problem you have to get your IP unflagged, or you have to get a new IP. Below we have shared different workarounds that can help you resolve this error.

Fixes For Netflix Proxy / VPN Error But No VPN Or Proxy

Fix 1: First Try The General Workarounds

  • Our first piece of advice for you will be to reboot your device and Network hardware. To do so simply shut down your device and network hardware for around 10 to 15 minutes, and then restart them. Now check if the error still comes or not. Sometimes power cycling your network hardware can get you a new IP which you actually need to resolve the problem.
  • If the error still continues then try connecting your device over a different internet connection. If you don’t have access to any alternate Wifi connection then feel free to connect your device over a mobile hotspot connection. Then check if this error continues or not, if not then this is clearly your network that is causing this problem.

Fix 2: Switch To A Different Profile

It’s ridiculous but some users on Reddit have shared that when they switched to another profile under Netflix it resolved the problem for them, so we will advise you to try the same for you.

  • If you have many profiles under your account then try switching to any other profile, and check if the error still comes or not.
  • If the error still comes then try creating a new Netflix profile to check if this resolves the issue or not.
Netflix Proxy / VPN Error But No VPN Or Proxy

Fix 3: Are You Using An AdBlocker?

This error can also come if you are using an AdBlocker on your device, so if there is any AdBlocker on your device then consider disabling it, and then check for the error again.

Fix 4: Are You Using Netflix From A Web Browser?

If you are using the Netflix website from your web browser then try disabling all of your browser extensions, and then check if this resolves the problem or not.

Fix 5: Contact Your ISP For A New IP

If you still receive the error then this is the best time to contact your ISP and report this problem to them, and at last ask them to assign a new IP to your Network.

If you deal with your ISP in the right way they should assign a new IP without much discussion but in case they refuse to assign a new IP, then you can refer to this article of Fobes where you can find different ways to assign a new IP to your Network.

Fix 6: Contact Netflix

If you still get the error even though you have a new IP on your network then at this point contact the Netflix support team and report the problem.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

What Does The Netflix Proxy/VPN Error Say?

Netflix Proxy/VPN error says that you are using a VPN or proxy service.

When Does The Netflix Proxy/VPN Error Occur?

Netflix Proxy/VPN error comes while playing any content from Netflix.

What Happens Because Of The Netflix Proxy/VPN Error?

Netflix Proxy/VPN error prevents the users from playing any content from the Netflix library.

What Are The Troubleshooting Steps To Fix Netflix Proxy/VPN Error?

If users are getting the Netflix Proxy/VPN error but are not using any such services then they should try rebooting their network hardware, switching to a different Netflix profile, making sure to not use any Adblocker extensions or apps, and contacting their ISP to request them to assign a new IP.

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