How To Fix Nike Error Code 98D2586B?

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Nike Error Code 98D2586B

Lately, many users have faced An error code 98D2586B while placing an online order at Nike Stores. Error message pops up as “Sorry, are unable to process your order. For more information call 1-800 806- 6453 for help (Code- 98D2586B).

No information has been issued officially by Nike in this matter, but we have dug up some information about this error code and how we can fix it with some best workarounds.

What Does Nike Error Code 98D2586B Means?

Some users have observed that error code 98D2586B occurs when you are placing more than 1 order in a day.

On the other hand, some users have noticed this error while placing an order from a new account or while placing an order for the first time.

As of now there is no statement issued by Nike regarding any possible reasons or solutions, but we have found some workarounds which worked wonders for some users, we are sharing all of them here, so kindly stick to the article to fix the Nike Error Code 98D2586B.

How To Fix Nike Error Code 98D2586B?

Fix 1: Clear Cache And Cookies From Your Browser

Corrupt cache and cookies are one of the main culprits of the issue. So simply clear your browser cache and cookies to check if it fixes the issue.

Below are the steps to clear cache & cookies for chrome. Depending upon your browser you can google the exact steps to clear cache & cookies for your browser.

  • Open Google Chrome.
  • Click on the three vertical dots given in the top right corner.
  • Choose History.
  • Choose Clear Browsing History.
  • Select all in the drop-down to clear all data stored in cache and cookies.
  • While selecting the data, click on Cookies and Site Data, and Cache image and Files then tap on the Clear Data button.
  • Once you are done with it, check if now you can place your order or not on Nike.

Fix 2: Disable AD Blocker

Many times an Ad blocker interferes with the performance of websites on your browser, so it is best to disable it to check if it is creating an issue with a particular website.

Below are the steps to disable the ad blocker for chrome & firefox. Depending upon your browser you can google the exact steps to disable the ad blocker for your browser.

For Chrome 

  • Click on the Ad blocker extension on the top right corner of your browser.
  • Once you click on the extension, it displays a Switch To Off/On.
  • Toggle Off the Switch, it will turn off the ad blocker on your website.
  • You can enable the Ad blocker by tapping on the toggle button again in the same menu.

For firefox:

  • Launch the browser.
  • Now click on the Firefox button.
  • Select Add ons from the menu and click on extensions.
  • Select your active Ad blocker and click on it to turn it off.

Fix 3: Use Different Accounts

As we have discussed, some users have encountered this Error code on Nike on their new account, or while placing a second order on the same day.

So try making an alternate Nike account to place your order, and check if it fixes the issue.

Fix 4: Nike Website is not working

Due to no statement issuance from Nike regarding this error, it can also be assumed that this issue can occur from Nike’s end.

It’s possible that for some reason Nike server is down, and as a result users are getting this error code.

To find out about any recent outrage with the Nike server go here. If you find any issue with the Nike Server then wait till the server gets back to normal.

Fix 5: Check Your Internet Connection:

To check your Internet connection connect it with some other device and run youtube or any other app. If the other app is not working then, it’s your internet that is causing the issue.

If you are using mobile internet then enable and disable the Flight mode respectively.

If you are using home wifi then restart your router.

here is how to power cycle your router

  • Unplug all the cables including the power cable from the wall outlet.
  • Let it rest for 1 minute, which helps to drain out all the remaining power.
  • After one minute, plug back all the cables and restart your router.
  • Now check if it has solved the problem or not.

Fix 6: Use Different Browsers:

With close observations and responses from the users, many users have gotten rid of this error code by switching browsers.

The browsers to which you can switch are Chrome, safari browser, Firefox, and many others.

Once you have switched the browsers, check if the Nike website is working or not.

Fix 7: Contact Nike Support:

If you have tried all of the above-given troubleshoots then you are left with one option, Nike support.

You can register your complaint on Twitter at @nikdstore, or post your issue on your Twitter by tagging Nike officials.

Or you can contact them from their website help section.

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