How To Fix Nintendo Error Code 022-5515?

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According to Nintendo’s official website, if you are seeing the following, “Nintendo Error Code 022-5515” message on your screens. It usually indicates that there has been a time-out error preventing you from connecting to their servers. 

In addition to that, a slow or unstable internet connection can also be responsible for causing the particular error to occur. 

Hence, it is very important that you check your connections thoroughly for any loss of signal or data that might contribute to causing the following error to occur. 

Now, there are a number of solutions which have been laid out by their official support page itself, such as reviewing the Network Status, Power Cycling network devices and switching to a different DNS settings

Although, these solutions might help in solving the particular issue on your Nintendo. There is still a chance that they might not be enough to to solve the error, as has been reported by users from the various forums and threads online, which we had visited while researching the following error. 

Nintendo Error Code 022-5515

However, after having gone through a number of such forums and community threads online. We have managed to compile a few solutions with the help of which you could try solving the issue on your own as well, if the previously mentioned tricks didn’t work for you.

Fixes For Nintendo Error Code 022-5515

Fix 1: Check Server Status

Nintendo Error Code 022-5515

If the issue is at the server end. Then, there is actually nothing much you can do at your end to solve the issue. 

Hence, in such cases, the most you can do would be to just wait it out, till the issue gets resolved at Nintendo’s server end itself.

To be sure however, you can either visit their official server status page, or go to third-party websites such as downdetector and isitdownrightnow and check if others from your region are facing the same issue. 

You can also follow their official social media pages and accounts to stay updated of any recent errors or check if other users have the same complaints as well.

Fix 2: Update Firmware or drivers

Nintendo Error Code 022-5515

There may be times when an outdated driver can also be responsible for causing such an error to show up. 

Hence, if you have any doubts that your network drivers or system firmware might be outdated. And that is what might be causing the following error to occur. 

Then, as has been mentioned above by @ColdWynter above. Updating your system firmware and changing the DNS manually to has been mentioned at the very beginning might help you solve the issue. 

Nintendo Error Code 022-5515

Fix 3: Try unplugging and plugging your SD card 

Nintendo Error Code 022-5515

Although, this solution might not make much sense. Still, as have been mentioned by users @Wiccanbat666 and @skth_OP as shown below, seemed to have found unplugging out and in their SD cards from their consoles, working for them. 

Nintendo Error Code 022-5515

However, this might just be a coincidence again and not a sure shot solution. Still, it is worth giving it a try. 

Who knows, if it is indeed related to a minor hardware issue. Then, simply removing your SD card and reinserting it back might just reset the bug and help you solve the error, like it did for the user @Wiccanbat666.

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