How To Fix Noritz Water heater Error Code 11?

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Noritz Error Code 11

If you are using the Noritz water heater at home, but currently unable to get hot water due to the following Noritz Error Code 11 showing up, then below you can read our detailed article on this error.

Disclaimer: Now, it is important to note here that the below mentioned solutions are only some of the generic troubleshooting solutions out there which depending upon the intensity of the problem, may or may not help solve the following error. Hence, if the solutions shown below do not help in solving the particular error. It would be best to seek help from a professional to help solve the same.

What is Noritz Error Code 11?

If you are having Error code 11 with Noritz Water Heater then, there is a high chance it might be caused due to an ignition failure.

Now such ignition failure can happen due to a number of reasons. Usually, a blockage should be the most common cause. However, issues with the ignition rods, or ignition box can also add up to cause the following.

Some other causes may include insufficient gas supply to the heater unit, an abnormal gas pressure, issues with the circuit board, or problem with the sensing rod. 

However, be it any reason, when dealing with the following error. It is a good idea to take the help of a professional, rather than dealing with the problem on your own. 

Still, there are a few things you can try on your own to solve the particular issue, as long as the cause behind it are minor and not major ones requiring professional skills.

Fixes For Noritz Error Code 11

Fix 1: Check gas pressure for inlets

For this you will first need to get hold of a Gas Manometer and a screwdriver. If you have those two, then you can carry on with the steps as shown below:

  • Firstly, you will need to shut down the unit’s gas valve. You should be able to find the gas valve under the unit.
  • With the help of the screwdriver, you will next need to unscrew the screw from the inlet port.
  • Then, take your manometer and fix its hose to the test port and take the pressure readings. 
  • You will need to check both the static as well as the dynamic pressure readings.
  • Here, the static readings indicate that which shows up when the gas is not being used, whereas dynamic readings are those which show up when the gas is being used. 
  • It is to be noted that both the readings should be above the minimum values for your heater to be working fine. 
  • If the pressure is less for either one. Then, the error may be occurring as a result of low pressure. 

If that is the case, then checking your gas regulator and replacing them with one which can handle the load for all gas appliances at your home should be the next step.

Fix 2: Clean the ignition rod

There may be times, when certain debris or residues being accumulated or stuck, on or around your unit’s ignition rods can result in such an error showing up. 

In that case, cleaning such ignition rods should help you solve the issue. 

You can clean your unit’s ignition rods by following the steps as shown below:

  • Go to your heater’s gasket unit and unscrew the screws for the ignition rod to be able to pull them out from the gasket unit. Make sure that you handle the rods with care and there is no damage done to them.
  • Next, clean the rods with the help of a sandpaper or some similar medium.
  • After cleaning the rods, you will need to place them back in as before and screw them back properly. 
  • Once all that is done, you will then need to fill in the hot water into the unit and check to see if the flame is present.

Fix 3: Power Cycle your Noritz water heater

This is a simple turn off and on hack which many users have reported to have worked out for them in solving the following. Hence, you too can try to see if doing so helps you solve the issue on your respective units. 

  • Firstly, locate the gas valve on your water heater unit and rotate it counterclockwise all the way till the end.
  • Then, turn off the unit by pressing on the Power button. 
  • Next, open the faucet and let the hot water run out of it. 
  • Now, wait for at least 5 minutes till the hot water stops flowing. 
  • Check to see if doing so helped with the error.

Fix 4: Contact a Professional

If none of the solutions as shown above worked for you. Then, it would be safe to assume that the problem causing the following error to occur may not be very simple, but may also be linked to some hardware malfunction or damage. To deal with such issues, it would be best to contact a professional for help and let them take care of the issue. 

You can also contact Noritz Customer Support (1-866-766-7489) and ask them to send in their professional to help you out with the following.

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