How To fix Rheem Tankless Water Heater Code 29?

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In this article, we are discussing the Rheem Tankless Water Heater Code 29.

If this error code shows up on your water heater, it means that the heat exchanger outlet on the water heater is experiencing problems with a low temperature.

Fixes For error 29 on Rheem Tankless water heater

Fix 1: The Outlet temperature is too low

The heat exchanger outlet on the Rheem tankless water heater should be in a range of temperatures specified for the machine.

If the temperature is too low, you may receive a warning on the heater in the form of this error code.

This could be because of buildups blocking the outlet. When water runs through the machinery for a long time, some corrosion is possible and these small buildups can clog the outlet over time.

Make sure that you check the outlet valve for any buildups and clean it regularly so that this problem does not show up in the future.

Fix 2: Check the resistance readings for the heat exchanger

Check if the temperature is still being displayed when you take a look at the maintenance information of the heater.

If the temperature is not visible, the resistance readings of the heat exchanger need to be verified. 

If the readings do not match the specified amount, you will need to replace the heat exchanger. 

Fix 3: The neutralizer is clogged

There are different models of the Rheem tankless water heater sold in the market, and this error code 29 could mean different things for each one of them.

On some models, this error means that the neutralizer for the water heater is not working well. This could be because the neutralizer pipe is blocked.

Whenever you are operating machinery that has a continuous flow of water, blockages are a very common possibility. You need to check for any blockages on the water heater neutralizer and clean the pipe if necessary. 

Fix 4: Check the drain pipe

The drain pipe is another component that needs to be examined for a blockage. It is the most common component of the heater that is prone to buildup.

Check the drain pipe for any debris and clean up if you find any debris.

To avoid problems with the blockages on the heater, make sure that you regularly clean up the appliance.

Fix 5: Check for frozen water in the drain pipe

If you live in an area where you receive heavy snowfall and harsh winters, you might need to check the location of the drain pipe.

The drain pipe if exposed to cold temperatures can get frozen water stuck as a blockage and will not allow anything to pass through.

Make sure that you prepare ahead for the winter months and place the appliance in a place where the drain pipe does not freeze.

Fix 6: Contact The Technicians

Other aspects of this error can be a little more technical and you will need help from experienced technicians. So we suggest you to reach out to Rheem support to report the issue.

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