How To fix OfferUp Error Code 500?

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OfferUp Error Code 500

OfferUp error code 500 is a server error that is coming from the server side because of any temporary issue or because of a delay in the server response.

If you are having this error then below in this post you can find possible workarounds to get rid of this error.

Reasons For The OfferUp Error Code 500

  • There is a temporary issue with the OfferUp server.
  • OfferUp servers are down right now.
  • There is a connectivity issue because of any issue with your internet.
  • You are trying to post something which is too big in size.

How To Fix Offerup Error Code 500?

Fix 1: Wait And Try Again

Most of the time this error occurs because of any temporary issue with the server.

As this is a temporary issue so just wait for a few minutes and try again.

Fix 2: Test Your Internet Connection Speed

Simply go to any internet speed test website and check your internet connection speed.

If your internet connection speed is slow then restart your internet. But still having the error then contact your ISP.

If in case you are using mobile data then turn on and off the flight mode. After that check for the error.

Fix 3: Do You Have Data Limit?

Whether you are using a Wifi connection or mobile data, if your connection has some data limit then check if you are near the cap.

Fix 4: Are You Trying To Post Something?

If you are having this error while posting an item then check your image resolution because big-size images take a longer time to upload resulting in the error code.

So if your image size is big then try reducing the image size. You can use or any other similar site to reduce your image size.

Fix 5: Check Offer Server Status

If still have the error then go to downdetector and check if downdetector is showing any outage with the OfferUp. If yes then it means the OfferUp system is having issues right now, and you have to wait till things get normal with the OfferUp.

But if in case downdetector is not showing any issue with the Offerup then get in touch with Offerup support.

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