[Fix] Palia Showing Error on “Intel HD Graphics 520”

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Last Updated on August 16, 2023

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If you have installed Palia on your systems, but are unable to launch or run the game, and have the graphic driver error. Then, chances are that your graphics card might be the reason responsible for stopping you from running the game properly.

Palia error code 520

This problem has actually been reported by many users using a system running on Intel HD Graphics 520. Hence, it would be safe for us to assume that the reason why you are unable to launch the game might be due to an incompatibility issue with your graphics driver or a weak and slow graphics card, unable to process the game properly. 

Palia error code 520

Many users have also reported that the game had been working for them initially. But, after a few plays, it stops and does not launch anymore giving the following error. 

Palia error code 520

How To Fix If Palia Error on “Intel HD Graphics 520”?

To fix this, although there is no definite solution as of yet. Still, a few users have reported that updating the driver to the latest one is the only one and possible solution out there for now. 

Palia Showing Error on "Intel HD Graphics 520"

However, it would be safe for us to assume that the following error will not be fixed anytime soon. Since, the game still has a lot of development to take place, as a result of which more up to date and upgraded drivers will be needed to run the game properly. 

Palia Showing Error on "Intel HD Graphics 520"

Thus, if it is possible for you and you are willing. It would be a good idea to upgrade your drivers here on and see if doing so helps with the error. 

Or, just wait it out for a few weeks or so, till the compatibility issue is taken into account by the developers and they optimize the game further for the game to be able to run on a Intel HD 520 Graphics driver as well. 

How to Update Graphics driver?

As mentioned above, the only one and most plausible solution out there to be able to temporarily fix the following issue would be to update your graphics driver to the latest version.

But, at the same time it is important to note that an update is only possible if Intel on its part uploads an update from its side. 

Hence, if you have the latest version already downloaded on your system and still having a problem in launching the game. Then, there is only little to nothing you can do here. But, just wait it out or bring the problem to the developer’s notice over at their customer support page or official social media accounts. 

Palia Showing Error on "Intel HD Graphics 520"

However, if you do not have the latest graphics driver. Then, you can head to the following link, and install the latest version by following the steps as mentioned.

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