How To Fix PayPal Error Code 70049?

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Many users have reported that while trying to pay on Ebay via Paypal, they have encountered the following message saying Paypal Error Code 70049. Now, if you too have recently come across the same. Then, chances are that there may be something wrong at the seller’s end itself or an issue with the payment portal on either Ebay or Paypal’s side. 

Paypal Error Code 70049

If you have encountered the following error and the payment has been deducted from your account without showing up on Ebay. Then, it would be best to contact both Ebay’s as well as Paypal’s customer support immediately and point out the issue to them.

Fixes For Paypal Error Code 70049

Sadly, there is no definite fix to solve the following error message till date. The very best you can do is to try out a different seller or a different ecommerce website altogether to successfully purchase your desired item. 

But, if your money has already been deducted from your account and you see no way that it will get refunded by the particular seller. Then, as have been mentioned above, it would be best to just contact Paypal’s support executive and inform them of the problem. This way at least, you might get the amount refunded without any extra charge. 

Paypal Error Code 70049

Fix 1: Check for shady seller

When purchasing products on websites like Ebay, it is always a good idea to research and check first on the seller before making any transactions. This way you can avoid any suspicious or shady seller from scamming you. 

Paypal Error Code 70049

A few users have reported that whenever they try to carry out transactions with certain sellers on Ebay. They seem to get the following error, as well as have amounts deducted from their accounts. 

In such cases, it is best to thoroughly check such sellers and avoid them if and whenever possible.

Fix 2: No such errors in Paypal 

We have also tried to search for more details on the particular error from Paypal’s official website. But did not find any information linked to the following Paypal Error Code 70049

Hence, we doubt that the error might not even be something at Paypal’s end, but rather something to do with Ebay.

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