How To Fix Planetside 2 “Game Error – Code G9”?

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To be very honest, there is actually nothing much out there in terms of solutions, when it comes to Planetside 2 “Game Error – Code G9”.

Planetside 2 “Game Error - Code G9”

We have done our own research. And, after having gone through countless discussion forums and threads online, did manage to find only a few possible explanations to sum up the error as well as its cause(s).

Planetside 2 “Game Error - Code G9”

Many users facing the issue, have reported that they had tried all the various general troubleshooting approaches and methods out there like Restating their systems, Resetting their network hardwares, Verifying & repairing game files, reinstalling the game and so on, just to have the same error popping up.

Fixes For Planetside 2 “Game Error – Code G9”

Fix 1: Not likely a server error

Although, in the case of most errors. The most plausible cause would at some point boil down to a server issue. This might not be the same for the following Code G9 Error Code on Planet 2

This is because as has been mentioned by user @R3Sn1p3s below. The following error seemed to have occurred in both his as well as his friends system at the same time, leading one to assume that it might be a server issue. 

However, if you read further through his post. He mentions that he tried creating a new account on the same network and was able to log in without the following error showing up. Hence, completely discarding a server outage issue or maintenance to be a reason behind the error to occur.

Planetside 2 “Game Error G9”

Fix 2: Update graphics card

If for some reason, you have any outdated firmware, drivers or apps related to the particular game which you doubt may be the reason for the following error to occur. 

Planetside 2 “Game Error G9”

Then, you can try updating all such drivers up to the latest version to keep them compatible with each other, and check if the error can be dealt with as has been reported by user @CaptCran as shown in the screenshot above.

Fix 3: Delete .dll files

Another user name @Scifi has mentioned that deleting the .dll files from your system and re-verifying the game cache on your console system might also work in solving the issue. 

Hence, if you have still not tried verifying your game files yet. Then, after deleting the .dll files, you can try verifying the game a go and see if that can solve the problem. 

Planetside 2 “Game Error G9”

Finally, we have come to the section where the official Planet 2 team explains the source of the problem as has been reported by the user @Infinity666 seen in the screenshot below.

Planetside 2 “Game Error G9”

The problem mainly lies on your account getting banned from PlanetSide end. And you are unable to login into your account because of that.  

It does not necessarily mean that you were doing something illegal or going against any rule as had been mentioned by the game terms and conditions. But, may have occurred due to a fault in the system at the game’s side itself, for which a remedy is still yet to come.

And although, according to the Planet 2 website claiming the G9 error to be an error due to a game glitch, for which it is recommended to relaunch the game. That however, does not seem to be the case.

Planetside 2 “Game Error G9”

Hence, it can be said that if you are facing the following PlanetSide 2 Game Error Code G9 and have tried out all the possible troubleshooting solutions out there. Then, it would be safe today that you are seeing the error as a result of your account being ‘banned’, from the PlanetSide 2 end itself. 

And the only possible way you could solve the error, would be to either talk it out with their Customer Support and request them to lift the ban. Or, start off with a fresh account to access the game.  

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