How To Fix Playstation Error Code NW-31294-9?

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Playstation Error Code NW-31294-9

There are so many elements that work together when you play a game on Playstation. You do not realize this when everything is going right with the console but you sure do realize this when there is an issue that needs to be solved.

There are some issues that might reside in the console and some issues extend to the supporting devices.

We will discuss the Playstation Error Code NW-31294-9 in this article. This error code shows up when the servers cannot be reached due to an issue with your Wifi connection.

We will discuss the different possibilities for the error code and the different solutions that help with them.

Let’s get into the solutions and get the ball rolling on the gaming console.

How to solve the error code NW-31294-9 on Playstation?

We have established the fact that the error code NW-31294-9 on Playstation is a network error that especially is related to the Wifi connection to the console.

There are many different reasons that we have not discussed yet. We will discuss them with the solutions in this section.

Fix 1: Test the connection to the internet

Playstation does not only advance the other features that are related to the gaming abilities of the console but there are also regular developments to take care of the issues on the console.

There is special attention on the network connection on the console ad you can test the connection stability right on the console.

Here is how you can check the internet connection on the Playstation.

  • Launch the settings
  • Click on the Network option
  • Click on Test internet connection
  • You will be able to see if there is any trouble connecting to the internet.

Fix 2: Check the internet plan 

You need to check your internet plan for the maximum allowed speed on the connection. There is a requirement for the minimum speed of internet required for gaming purposes on the console.

If the internet plan has extremely low speed, you should talk to your internet service provider and increase the internet speed limit.

Fix 3: Check if the network hardware is updated to the latest version

To ensure that the Wifi connection is up to the mark, you need to ensure that the network hardware is in the best shape.

The network hardware includes the router and the modem.

Unless people face a problem with the internet connection, they are not even aware that the network devices also need regular updates.

Even if this turns out not to be the issue, make sure that you are updating your router and modem.

Fix 4: Change the DNS settings on the console

The DNS settings on the console play a huge part in the internet connection. If the DNS settings that you are using are not at par, the console will not be recognized by servers on the internet.

Change the DNS settings to custom. Enter the new custom DNS address and then refresh. This might be the push that was needed to get the console connected to the internet.

Fix 5: Check the wiring

To maintain the Wifi connection, there are certain wires that connect the network devices to the console.

These wires are important and you should check the wires for any breaks or bends.

You should also check if the wires are firmly connected. To make sure, disconnect and then reconnect the wires.

If you find any broken wires, then be sure to replace them as they could also be a potential safety hazard.

Fix 6: Power cycle the network hardware

The network hardware might also be facing minor glitches and they can be eliminated through the power cycling on the devices.

You can power cycle the router and the modem by disconnecting all the wires, waiting for a while, and then reconnecting the wires for a restart.

Fix 7: Reset the network hardware

If you are okay with the settings being messed up on the router and modem, you can go for a complete factory reset.

A factory reset on the router or modem can help eliminate the deep-seated issues as it allows for a refresh on the devices.

The only setback will be that you will need to set all the preferences on the device once again.

Fix 8: Contact the Playstation support team

The Playstation support team can be of great help when there is no other option left. They can help you with custom solutions that are fit for your unique situation and they also have more experience with the console and the network functioning on the console.

Do not hesitate to contact the support team if you are having trouble solving the issues on your own.

To conclude

The error code NW-31294-9 on Playstation is a network error but it can be especially attributed to the Wifi connection.

There are different solutions listed above that have been tried and tested. There is a great chance that these could eliminate the Wifi issue on the console.

We hope that this was helpful. Keep following for more gaming and technical advice.

Happy Gaming!!

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