How To fix Playstation Error Code ws-116521-6?

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Playstation Error Code ws-116521-6

If you are having the error code ws-116521-6 with the Playstation then in this post we are going to cover this error and will share possible workarounds.

As per the official information shared by Playstation this error mainly occurs when Playstation Servers are under maintenance, or if they are having some kind of server outage. But in some cases, other factors such as traffic overload, or any temporary glitch can also cause this error.

If you want to confirm the above statement you can visit here.

How To Fix Playstation Error Code ws-116521-6?

Fix 1: Check The Playstation Server

Most of the time it’s the Playstation server that is behind the error so our recommendation will be to first check the Playstation server status.

  • To check the PSN server status visit here,
  • Once you are on their server status page check if Playstation is having any kind of outrage/maintenance. If yes then wait till their server gets back to normal.

Fix 2: Perform An Internet Connection Test

If on the PSN server status page there is no information about any server outrage/maintenance then try resetting the Internet connection settings on the PlayStation device and then perform an Internet connection test.

Fix 3: Restart Console And Internet

If the error still exists then restart the console and internet.

  • Power off your console.
  • Then power off your internet.
  • Now wait for a minimum of 5 minutes.
  • After that power on the console and internet.
  • Once your console is re-connected to the internet check if you still have the error.

Fix 4: Try This Workaround

This workaround was shared by one Reddit user who claimed to fix the error for himself by following the below steps.

  • First, sign out from every profile.
  • Then re-sign in with the PlayStation APP. Follow the QR code at the sign-in menu.

Fix 5: Wait For Some Time

If nothing above helps you then definitely Playstation is having traffic overload which is causing the error so you need to wait for some time and try again.

Maybe you have to wait for 5 minutes or 5 hours, we can’t comment on that. But one thing is for sure once the traffic will get normal, this error will get resolved by itself. And if not then you need to get in touch with the PlayStation support team to report the error.

Playstation Error Code ws-116521-6

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