How To Fix Samsung Washer Error Code Ub, U6, UE, UR, E4, 1UB, and 1U6?

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Samsung Washer Error Code Ub U6 UE UR E4 1UB 1U6

Samsung washer error code Ub, U6, UE, UR, E4, 1UB, and 1U6 indicates that your washer is not balanced properly. If you want your Samsung washer to perform correctly then the Load in the washer and the washer itself need to be balanced appropriately.

This article provides you with troubleshoots for Samsung Washer error codes UB, U6, UE, UR, E4, 1UB, and 1U6, kindly stick to the article to know the best possible solutions for the given error codes.

Possible Reasons For Samsung Washer Error Code Ub, U6, UE, UR, E4, 1UB, and 1U6

  • Your washer is not balanced properly
  • Clothes have clumped or tangled up in the washer.
  • There is overloading, or there are very few clothes in the washer tub.

How To Fix Samsung Washer Error Code Ub, U6, UE, UR, E4, 1UB, & 1U6?

Fix 1: Check The Washer Load

  • Open your washer and check if clothes are stuck together at one side or tangled up, separate them or adjust them properly in the tub.
  • As we have discussed, overloading or underloading causes this issue, so open the washer and either remove some clothes or add some clothes as per the manual or situation.
  • Clothes with strings or shoe laces can get stuck in the washer drum, so either use a machine-safe bag for such items or wash them securely to prevent them from sticking to the drum.
  • Each wash cycle is designed to wash the specific fabric, so if you load a different set of clothes for a different cycle then it may think that the washer is unbalanced and show you a UB error code.

Fix 2: Reset The Washer

The biggest troubleshoot for most electronic gadgets which can solve any unwanted error is a simple Reset.

  • Unplug the Washing machine from the electric outlet.
  • Now let it be unplugged for 5 minutes.
  • Plug back the Power cable after five minutes, and restart the washer.
  • Now check if the error code has gone or not.

Fix 3: Check That the Washer Is Leveled

  • You can also get these Error codes if your washer is not balanced on the floor. This can take place during two situations, one you have installed it newly, or you have moved it to some other location. 
  • It can also get unbalanced due to its vibration during its spin cycle. To check the level of the machine on the floor use a Level tool. If the level tool shows you an imbalance then adjust the legs of the washing machine.
  • Use a wrench to adjust the locking nut on the leg of the machine, then turn it clockwise to lower the leg or anticlockwise to raise the leg upwards, do it until it levels up to the floor.
  • Make sure while leveling the machine, all of its four legs should be touching the floor firmly to provide the stability while spinning. If your floor is too slippery, use anti-skid pads under the legs to halt its motion.
  • Once you are done with this, use a wrench to tighten the locking nuts in the base of the washer.

Fix 4: Check Shock Absorbers

  • If you are using a front load Samsung washing machine then it has one or more shock absorbers between the outer tub and base frame of the machine.
  • The shock absorbers must be connected to both ends of the outer tub and base frame of the washer.
  • You need to ensure that neither the outer tub nor the base frame is leaking fluid.

Fix 5: Inspect Suspension Springs

  • Suspension springs are used to reduce the vibrations and also ensure that the washer is working correctly.
  • So you need to check if the suspension springs are working correctly, also make sure that it is connected securely and is in good condition. If you find any fault, replace it with new suspension springs.

Fix 6: Check Dampening Straps

  • Multiple top-loaders washing machines come with dampening straps that hold the washer tub to the four corners of the machine.
  • If any of them fails or detached from its place then it will leave the tub unbalanced, which leads to the error code.
  • So if you find any fault in rubber stamps, replace them with a new one or call the technician for help.

Fix 7: Check If Driver Bearings are worn

Front loader washing machines come with ball bearings between the tub spindle and the motor shaft.

If any of the ball bearings become dislodged then it will disbalance the tub resulting in extra vibration. This will lead to the error code.

If these bearings are worn then you need to contact an expert technician from the Samsung team to replace them.

Fix 8: Snubber Ring

  • Snubber Ring works as a resting place for the tub of a top loading washer, it is like a cushion. And Snubber rings are located between legs and dome assembly.
  • In case the snubber rings of your washer wear out, then your washer tub will directly come in contact with the metal base. Snubber Rings can also be worn out if there is dust accumulated over it.
  • It is not possible for you to reach snubber rings, so either contact an expert or contact the Samsung service center.

Fix 9: Check Control Board

  • The digital control board of the washer sends and receives electronic signals to operate the washer. If your control board is not working properly and sending wrong commands then it can cause these error codes. 

So check your control board with the help of a technician and get it replaced if you find any fault in it.

Fix 10: Contact Support

If you have used all of the above-given troubleshoots and are still stuck at the same place then contact Samsung support. You can also contact the nearest service center or the store from where you have purchased it. They will provide you with a number to call the technician at your home.

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