How To Fix Sims 3 Unknown Error Occurred?

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In this article, we will discuss the error, Sims 3 Unknown Error Occurred.

As already understood from the name, this error code does not give much of an explanation about what the issue is. There can be many reasons used to explain this error code including game file corruption, incompatible content, device RAM issues, etc.

In the next section, we will discuss the different reasons for this error code and how you can eliminate these issues.

Fixes For Sims 3 Unknown Error Occurred issue

Fix 1: Insufficient RAM Space on the device

If the device that you are playing on does not have enough space on the RAM, you will face this error code when you try to play the game.

To solve this issue, you need to purge the RAM. Here is how you can do this:

  • Press these three keys together. Command+Option+Esc
  • This will open the Force Quit Window.
  • Now select Sims 3
  • Click on Force Quit
  • Now re-launch the game.

This might solve the issue you are facing with the game by clearing out the device’s memory.

Fix 2: Update the drivers for the graphics card

The drivers for the graphics card on your device must be updated to the latest version. If they are not, the graphics card will not function properly affecting the performance of the game.

If you are facing issues with this game and another process that requires the graphics card to function, you should immediately check for the latest updates for the graphics card drivers. If you find newer versions, install them and then re-launch the game.

Fix 3: Remove the custom content and Mods files

There are some files that are stored in a different folder than the main game files. These are the custom files better known as Mods files in the game. These files can sometimes have drastic effects on the launching of the game if these files become corrupt.

To solve this issue, you can delete the custom files or Mods files from the database. This might help with your issue. If you are not sure that these files are the issue, you can move the folder in which these files reside to a different location. Like perhaps the desktop. If moving the location of the files does not help with the game issue, mods files are not the issue and you do not need to delete them but if it does solve the issue, delete the mods files.

Fix 4: Delete the entire game and reinstall

The game files can sometimes be beyond repair. These are the situations in which the entire game will need to be deleted.

When you do this, also delete all the remaining files related to the game in other locations on the device. A complete wipeout is required. 

Then look for a fresh copy of the game only from official and reliable sources. Download this fresh and updated version of the game.

Now you should not face any issues that were due to the game files’ corruption.

Fix 5: Check for the minimum requirements on the device 

The device that you are playing the game on needs some hardware accommodations. You need to make sure that your device does deliver the minimum requirements of the game. 

If it does not, you need to switch the device with the minimum requirements accommodation.

Fix 6: Make sure that your game is updated to the latest version

You need to make sure that the game is updated to the latest version at all times for the game to launch without any problems.

New updates for the game come with developments and the elimination of glitches in the previous version. If you do not install these updates in time, then the game will no longer be compatible to play.

Fix 7: Do not download mod content from unreliable sources

The mods content for Sims 3 can also be downloaded from sources other than the official website of the game.

Make sure that you do not download the files from an unreliable source. This is because it will lead to an invitation of corrupt files with the game database causing issues.

Fix 8: Contact the EA support team

If none of the above solutions have been able to help you with the issue, you will need to get in touch with the EA support team to shed light on this issue.

They will help you raise a support ticket and follow it till the issue is resolved. They will also let you know if your account has been blocked due to some community guidelines violation.

You can also find the solutions for this issue on the different player forums for Sims 3. These forums can be on platforms like Reddit, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.

To conclude

The Sims 3 unknown error occurred issue is as vague as it sounds but we have made sure to include all the solutions that can help. We have taken these solutions from both official support team suggestions as well as the player forums. These are the best solutions for the issue out there.

We hope that you are no longer stuck with the issue after reading this article. Keep following for more gaming and technical advice.

Happy Gaming!!

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