How To Fix Sims 4 Error Code 125?

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Sims 4 error code 125 error code shows up when a mod or CC file is not updated and hence causes conflict within the game, however, this error can also be caused because of other reasons like network connection and server problems.

In the next section of the article we will discuss the different aspects of this error code in detail, and will also share possible workarounds to get rid of Sims 4 error code 125.

How to get rid of The Sims 4 error code 125?

Fix 1: Change the location of your mods folder

Check if the issue is related to the mod or CC files in the game. You need to change the location of the mods folder on your desktop.

To replace the location of the mod file folder from the game directory to the desktop. It makes sure that these files become unavailable to the game directory to launch and it will show you if the mods are causing a problem. 

If the mods were causing the problem, then your issue will be instantly resolved and you will be able to launch the game. However, if you still cannot launch the game, this means that the problem does not lie with the mod files.

Fix 2: Delete the cache files related to the game

There are some cashier files on the game that are stored and become corrupted over time. One such specific format of the file is known as the ‘localthumbcache.package’ file. 

On the game directory where you can find all the listed files for the game, you should delete this file. If you do not want to take this much pain, you can entirely delete all the cache files related to the game. This will mean that you will have to enter some information again when you launch the game because the stored information will be deleted but it is worth it to free up the memory.

Fix 3: Update the mods and CC files

The Mods and CC files need to be updated to the latest version on a regular basis to make sure that it matches the standard of the server updates.

If this is not done, the files will become incompatible with the version of the game on the server.

Make sure that as soon as you receive this error you go through early modern CC files and see if they have newer updates available. Install the latest version of these files. Delete the earlier version of these files.

Restart the device and relaunch the game. This should solve your issue.

Fix 4: Repair the game files in the game client

You can play the game Sims 4 through the game client Origin. If there are corrupt files in the game database, you can repair these game files through the game client.

Here is the process to repair the game files through the Origin game client.

  • Launch Origin game client.
  • Now launch the gaming library which is named My Game Library.
  • Find the game Sims 4 in the library.
  • Right-click on Sims 4.
  • Click on the option Repair Game.
  • Now the game client will search all the files and scan them for any corruption.
  • The corrupt files will be replaced by normal files.

This is a simple process of replacing corrupt files with normal ones without lifting a finger. This is one of the most helpful solutions that you can find for a game issue. Also, make sure that you remember that all the mods and CC files will be deleted when this process is conducted. But if they are causing an issue in the first place, they have no use in the game directory.

Fix 5: Update the game to the latest version

When you’re playing Sims 4, you also need to download the game files on your device. These files need to be updated on a regular basis so that they can maintain compatibility with the server.

When you face this issue and you have already updated the modern CC files, then you might need to look into the latest version of the entire game. If you find a newer version, download it. 

Now re-launch the game to see if this has solved your issue.

Fix 6: Disable your antivirus software

In some cases, the antivirus software and the network firewall both lock your connection to the game server.

This is when the game will not function properly. You might also see the error code 125 because this connection was cut off by the anti-virus software. 

To solve this issue just launch the settings of the anti-virus. Now open the list of programs that are blocked by this software. If you find the game here, then remove it from the list. Also, add it to the list of exceptions so that the antivirus software does not block it next time.

If you do not want to go through this hassle, then you can simply switch off your antivirus software for the duration that you’re playing the game. However, we do not suggest this, as this might make your computer vulnerable to other attacks from the Internet.

Fix 7: Run the game in compatibility mode

This is a solution that we have found in the user forums. Users suggest that you can try to run the game in compatibility mode and this gets rid of the error code 125 in most cases. This is because when you are using a compatibility mode, it gives more permission for the game to run.

Fix 8: Check the system requirements on your device

There are certain requirements that need to be completed by your computer hardware as well as software version to be able to play the game Sims 4 uninterruptedly.

Your device must be causing the issue if it is not compatible with the version of the game that you’re trying to play. This is an easy fix to look out for. You can Google the minimum requirements on the system that you need to play the game Sims 4.

Now measure these requirements with the system that you are using. If your system is not compatible with the game, then you should switch to another device, which meets the minimum requirement for the game.

Fix 9: Try the 50/50 method

This is an informal name for the method in which you try adding the mod or CC files back to the game one by one.

As soon as you add a file that causes the error code 125, you will identify that this is the problematic one. Now instead of removing all the mods and CC files, you can just remove this one.

Fix 10: Contact the game support team for help

We have mentioned all the solutions that can help you get rid of the error code 125 known to the Internet.

If none of these solutions have helped you get rid of the issue, then you can contact the game support team for help. They will walk you through the solution that you need to apply to get rid of the error code in your case.

The other way you can find more advice is, visit player forums for Sims 4. Other players will share solutions that helped them when they were in the same situation.

To conclude

The Sims 4 error code 125 is an issue with the Mods or CC files in the game directory. We have mentioned the best solutions for this issue.

We hope that we helped you get rid of the error code and some of these solutions were helpful to you.

Keep following for more gaming and technical advice.

Happy Gaming!!

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