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Slader without any doubt has made a lot of student’s lives easier who are always in a desperate need of completing and finishing up their assigned homework on time.

Many a times when you are assigned an assignment or homework from school or college, not always can you successfully come up with an answer.

Sites & Apps Like Slader

Sometimes it is just impossible to complete a difficult homework without any help. And also, it is not always possible to have a tutor or teacher sitting next to you helping out in each step.

So how else are you going to complete that given task. You take help of apps and websites like Slader who are there to help you in every step you need them.

From understanding each and every concept to strengthening your fundamental knowledge of a particular subject, all these alternatives are sure to get your job done.

And thus, today I will be listing out all those Slader alternatives with which solving a problem just becomes easy as a piece of cake job.

Here I am going to list out the top 5 app alternatives to Slader, which is sure to make doing homework just fun and easy. So, without any delay let us look at our top 5 websites.

Sites & Apps Like Slader

1. Wolfram|Alpha

Securing its place in the very first spot of our app list is the Wolfram|Alpha app which is available in almost all mobile platforms like Android and iOS.

And not just that it is also supported in Google ….. and also, in Kindle Fire device. But, that is not the reason why this app makes it to the top spot of our list.

The fact that this app can compute any kind of complex functions and problems with ease and precision along with solving simple school homework makes it run to the very top of our list.


The very sophisticated AI interface integrated in this app makes solving all kinds of problems just simple, easy and understandable as it shows and guides you through each step of a problem to reach the final answer.

Truly an overpowering app for all ages, trying to solve and come up with answers for complex as well as easy but tricky problem questions.

2. Plainmath

Plainmath is a treasure trove of math problems and solutions. This is a resource for anyone looking for an answer to a math question. The questions are related to various topics.

Each question is resolved with a clear, accessible explanation and examples. Plainmath has been in the business for plenty of years and currently serves millions of users.


A considerable number of math professionals and students have gathered here to assist one another. They offer information free of charge and uphold strong moral principles as they want everyone to learn and be collaborative at the same time.

On Plainmath, you can choose any math topic you need and see all the solutions with concise explanations. To discover your preferred questions, use the search box.

Alternatively, anyone can create their account in Plainmath and ask questions. You can write the math problem or upload a photo, and other intelligent users will help you get the answer.

3. Brainly

This is one Edu app which has made quite a buzz among Indian students all across the country. The app with a total download of more than 10 million from Goggle’s Play Store itself has made this app truly popular among Indian student pursuing their schooling from various boards and courses like ICSE, CBSE and other state boards.

This app is not just a problem-solving app like the others mentioned in the list but more of a social learning app with surely comprising of the largest online learning community.

You will find tutors, teachers, parents, students and subject experts from all across the country and the world to help you with any type of problem you might face while solving a simple or complex math, physics or chemistry solution.


And the subjects are not just limited to these three. There is a long list of subjects this app holds like, History, English, Geography, Biology, EVS and Computer Science just to name a few out of al the other subjects covered in this app.

Although, mainly concentrated on Indian subjects and courses, it gives no reason for students across the globe to take help and get a bit curious with this app as the main thing that counts is the knowledge and wisdom no matter from where it is.

Thus, if you are looking for a community with whom solving complex problems and understanding concepts becomes fun and simple then this is one app you should definitely give a go. You can find and download this app from Google’s App Store.

4. Got It Study

When you have got this app it is truly like ‘getting what you study’. The subjects whose solutions are currently made available in this app are Maths, Physics and Chemistry.

The AI interface which is installed in this app is truly mind blowing. You need to just take a photo of your problem and let the app do the rest.

Along with the final answer you are even given the option to go view and understand all the steps involved in a particular problem.

Got It Study

Moreover, like Brainly the Got it Study app too is a place where you can find help from other experts and professionals to help understand and learn a concept better.

You can simply text them and find help instantly with the help of this great app. This app is currently available on Apple’s app store and runs smoothly on almost all iOS devices.

5. Socratic

The name itself speaks volume about this lovely app which is ready to solve your problems in a snap of a quick pic.

This app offers you with all the steps involved while solving a math problem making it truly a great AI instructor and teacher.

Although sometimes the app may not be able to provide you with entirely the correct answer to a particular problem.


Still when you can learn the concept why concerned about the answer anyway. Learning always means how you get there and not only what is there.

So, if you are looking for an app to take you through each step and give you a better understanding of what is happening, then this app is sure to be that one AI helping hand.

Available in Google’s Play Stores and Apple app store you can run this app on both Android and iOS devices.

6. Photomath

You can easily figure out what this app can do by just simply looking at its name. The Photo part is where you take a snap of your problem at hand and the math part is where all the calculation and processing are done to come up with the correct answer for the given question. So, the concept is quite simple.


Just take a snap and find what the solution to the problem is. It also shows step by step instructions on how to solve a particular problem thus making it quite similar to the previous Socratic app we had seen earlier. This too can be run on both Android and iOS devices.

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