How To Fix Sky Go Error Code 60-1?

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The reason why you might be seeing the error code 60-1 with the Sky go would rather have to do something with an issue at the server side, then at the client side. 

In most cases, error 60-1 or other such similar errors are mainly server related errors and occur when there is a server outage or a problem at the server end. 

The error has been said to mainly occur when users try to play any downloaded content on their Sky go platforms and prevents the user from playing such videos or content. 

Sky Go Error Code 60-1

Fixes For Sky go Error Code 60-1

To be very honest, given the fact that the error is mainly a server related issue. There is actually nothing much you can do here to fix the error. Then, just wait it out for the error to get resolved on its own or get fixed by the Sky go developers at their end itself. 

If you want to be sure that the issue is indeed a server related issue and is happening to other users as well. Then, the best way to be sure would be to visit Sky Go’s official server status page or head to other third party websites like Downdetector or Isitdown, and check the status of the servers there. 

However, if you feel that everything at the server-end is fine. And, the issue may be at your end. Then, in such cases, you can try solving the problem with the more general troubleshooting solutions as mentioned below.

Fix 1: Reconnect to your network

For starters you can try disconnecting and reconnecting to your network to try and fix the following issue. 

There may be times when being connected to the same network for a long time might cause such an error.

Or, there might be a glitch within the network itself, causing the following error to show up.

In such occasions, simply disconnecting your device from the network and then reconnecting it with the same network might help fix such an error.

Fix 2: Disable any VPN apps or service

If you are using any third-party VPN app or service, then, you might want to try disabling such an app or service, and see if doing so can help with the following error.

Fix 3: Clear browser and app cache

There may be times when certain data stored on your browser cache may be responsible for causing such errors as a result of conflict between the previously saved cache data and newly fed data. 

In such cases, it would not cause any harm to try clearing your browser cache and check if doing so can help fix the following error. 

Similarly, you can do the same for the Sky Go app as well on your Android and iOS device, by heading to your device Settings option and clearing the cache for the Sky Go app from the Storage section under App.

Fix 4: Update browser and app

Depending upon whether you are logged into your Sky Go account on a browser, or using the Sky Go app. You can also try updating your browser or the app, to fix any kind of bugs or glitches which may be responsible for causing the following error to occur.

Fix 5: Uninstall and reinstall the app

If you feel that the app is giving you trouble and causing the following error to show up. Then, you can also try to uninstall the Sky Go app completely from your respective device and reinstall it back fresh. Once done, launch the app and check to see if the error still persists.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Sky go Error Code 60-1 occur?

The Sky Go Error Code 60-1 mainly occurs when users try to play downloaded content on the Sky Go interface or app. 

What happens because of the Sky go Error Code 60-1?

Sky go error code 60-1 prevents users from playing any downloaded content online on the Sky Go website interface or the Sky Go app.  

What are the troubleshooting steps to fix Sky go Error Code 60-1?

Since the following error is assumed and said to be mainly related to the server outages problem. There is actually nothing much to be done here, then just wait it out till the issue gets resolved at the server end itself. However, if you believe the error is showing up due to a problem or issue at your end. Then, you can try the following troubleshooting solutions: Reconnecting to your network, Disabling VPN, Clearing browser or app cache, Updating browser or app and reinstalling the app.

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