How To Fix Spectrum DVR Error Code gdvr-2007 & ggu-6001?

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As per our research the error codes gdvr-2007 and ggu-6001 are related to Spectrum DVR, and because of the error users are unable to access any program on their DVR. As of now, there is no official information shared by Spectrum on this error, and because there is no official information so we can’t comment on the exact reasons for the error.

But we have found there can be mainly two reasons whether there is something wrong with your Spectrum device, or Spectrum is having an outage with their system.

With that said let’s check out all the details along with the workaround for Spectrum DVR Error Codes gdvr-2007 & ggu-6001.

Fixes For Spectrum DVR Error gdvr-2007 & ggu-6001

Fix 1: Reboot The Spectrum Devices Along With the Internet

This is the first thing you should do when you receive this error, if the error is coming because of some temporary issues then rebooting the devices might fix the issue.

Simply power off your device along with the router and wait for a full two to three minutes before powering the device on. Once the waiting period is over simply power on the devices and check if the error continues.

Fix 2: Check For Outage With Spectrum

  • If rebooting the devices is not helping then possibly Spectrum is facing some issues. First, go to Spectrum Twitter helpdesk and check the recent posts to find if there is any update about any outage or issues with the Spectrum system.
  • If there is no update from Spectrum on Twitter then the next thing you need to check if there are recent tweets from the users where they are complaining about problems with Spectrum, if yes then it means that Spectrum hasn’t updated about any issues but possibly they are having some problem as many users are having different or same issues at the same time.
  • Next, go to the downdetector and check if they are showing any outage situation with the Spectrum. Along with the downdetector, also visit here to chat with the Spectrum system to find out if they are having an outage.

Fix 3: Contact Support

If you find the possibility of an outage with the Spectrum system then you should wait for sometime and try again. But in case the Spectrum system looks fine but you continue to receive this error then you should get in touch with the Spectrum support team for further assistance. At this stage, this error requires professional guidance. To contact them you can visit their Twitter account or can contact them from their website.

During our research we have come upon a thread on Reddit where a user mentioned that he was also having the same error and the solution was to contact the support team. Actually, there were some issues with his device which were noticed and fixed by the Spectrum tech team. You can see the screenshot below.

During our research, we also have come upon some recent tweets by users complaining about the same error to Spectrum on Twitter and Spectrum responded to those tweets by asking to DM them directly for further assistance. You can see the screenshot below.

Spectrum Error Code gdvr-2007 & ggu-6001

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