How To Fix TiviMate Error Code Media Codec Video Decoder Exception?

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Here we are going to share the details for the TiviMate error code mediacodecvideodecoderexception which usually comes when users try to play anything.

Based on our research, for different users, the error may come in different places. For example: for some users, the error may come while playing specifically Live TV or VOD streams, on the other hand for some users the error may come no matter what they are trying to play.

In our research, we have also found that there is not a single solution for this error instead users have to try different workarounds.

Fixes For TiviMate Error Code  MediaCodecVideoDecoderException

Fix 1: Try Performing a Full Power Cycle For Your System

First thing first, you should try troubleshooting the issue by simply power cycling your system. 

During our research, we have found a few Mibox users who tried power cycling their Mibox and it resolved the issue for them, so you can also try the same for you.

  • Shut down your device;
  • Then unplug your device power cord from the power source;
  • Then shut down your internet and disconnect it from the power source;
  • Then wait for around five minutes;
  • Then restart your device and internet;
  • Then check if the error still comes or not.
TiviMate Error Code MediaCodecVideoDecoderException

Fix 2: Try Switching From Hardware To Software Player

If restarting the system is not helping then try switching from hardware to Software player. It helped many users resolve the issue so it can also help in your case.

  • Go to the Settings.
  • Then go to Playback.
  • Then choose Video decoder.
  • Then check if it is set to hardware, if so then change it to the Software.
TiviMate Error Code MediaCodecVideoDecoderException

Fix 3: Do You Use A VPN?

In our research, we also have found that this error may come if a VPN is in use.

So if you use a VPN on your device and it’s currently enabled then make sure it’s disabled and then check for the error again.

TiviMate Error Code MediaCodecVideoDecoderException

Fix 4: Try Using A Mobile Hotspot

If the error continues then next you can try using a mobile hotspot connection this way you can confirm if the error is related to your ISP or if there is something else.

In case connecting over a mobile hotspot connection fixes your issue then we will advise you to reach out to your ISP to ask what exactly is the problem.

Fix 5: Use Any External Players

If you still get the error then try using any external player such as VLC, MX Player, etc.

It also can be the built-in player causing this issue because of some unknown problems, so try using any external players and check if errors still come or not.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

When Does The TiviMate Error Code MediaCodecVideoDecoderException Occur?

The error mainly comes upon playing anything on TiviMate.

What Are The Troubleshooting Steps To Fix TiviMate Error Code MediaCodecVideoDecoderException?

To fix the error users should try restarting their system, switching from hardware to software player in the settings, disabling VPN if using any, using mobile hotspots, and using any external player.

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