How To Fix If TP-link router Blinking orange light?

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TP link Router is Flashing Orange

What can you even do without the internet in today’s climate? This also means you need a top-notch internet service to get you connected to the web.

One such internet service provider is TP-links. They provide beautifully engineered Wifi devices that can connect you to the internet with the most seamless gestures.

The users that have been using TP-links devices for a long time, do not want to switch to other devices because the level of satisfaction that they have with the company is hard to match. However, there are certain issues that plague the devices from this company.

These errors are not incorrigible and have many easy solutions. 

When there is a certain device in the market that has a huge audience, people also make communities and stay connected with the other people who own the same device. This helps them to discuss the features and errors on the device.

Most of the time, you can also find solutions to the problems you are facing with the device because the chances are that some other users may have also faced them as well.

In this article, we will discuss, How to fix the TP-Link router orange light. We will understand the reasons for this problem showing up and what are the different fixes that can be applied to get the problem solved.

Let us discuss each topic one at a time in the subsequent sections.

What does it mean when the TP-link router shows an orange light?

Before we can discuss how to solve the problem, we need to discuss what it means in the first place.

When you look at the user manual that you receive with the device, you will see that different lights on the router have different indicative functions.

With each different light, the router signals a particular function, feature, or error. 

So, what is the router trying to signal when it shows an orange light?

The simple language explanation that the orange light gives is, that the router is facing trouble connecting to your internet service provider.

The router is on and is actively trying to connect but the internet service provider cannot be reached to get a response. 

By this, we can gather that the main issue is not being able to connect to the internet. There are a variety of reasons that can be behind this and we need to understand what they may be. 

Why is the TP-link router blinking orange?

As we have already mentioned above, there is no one reason that can explain the trouble with all the devices that different users have reported showing orange light.

There are many different causes and all of them need to be discussed in isolation before we can work on the solutions. So, let us see what can cause the router to show orange light.

  • Internet Service Provider Troubles
  • Your modem is faulty
  • MAC Address Problems (Binding Problems)
  • The router is glitching
  • The Orange light is a faulty indication

How To Fix If TP-link router Blinking orange light?

We have mentioned all the issues that can cause your TP-link router to act out of character and in this section, we will mention exactly what needs to be done to avert these issues or take care of them once they show up.

Fix 1: Faulty reading on the Router

If you are experiencing impeccable network connectivity even after noticing the orange light on your router, this indicates that the LED that powers the lights on the router might be faulty and with no internal error, it is showing you the orange light.

There is nothing to be done in this situation except to replace the LED before some serious hardware problems start showing up on the router hardware.

This can easily be solved by contacting a professional who will assess your router and let you know what needs to be done in order to get the device back on track.

Fix 2: Internet Service Provider Troubles

No matter what device you are using, the internal cog in the process is the network that is provided by the internet service provider.

When we see that the router is not able to connect to the internet service provider, it is not necessarily an indicator of a problem with the router but can be the issue with the internet service provider.

The network on their end can be weak this will also cause problems with the router trying to connect.

Sometimes, this also happens because the servers at the internet service provider’s end are undergoing an upgrade or maintenance process. In these cases, the internet service provider network becomes unavailable temporarily.

In any case, this is a problem that you will need to take up with your internet service provider.

What can be done in this situation is, to contact the customer support team for the internet service provider that you are using.

Normally, when these outages occur due to maintenance tasks, they are pretty upfront about it and let you know when the services will be back.

In case it is accidental, the support team will still let you know the expected wait time and help you get back on the network. All the work on this issue is done by the internet service provider and you do not need to work on it.

Fix 3: Modem Problems

The modem that you are using may have many problems that can hamper the functioning of the router.

The router will try its best to connect to the internet but the modem that is used will not let it accomplish the task. The problems that can affect the functioning of a modem are:

  • The modem is not connected to a proper and functioning outlet
  • The wires connected to the modem are faulty
  • The modem is having software glitches
  • The modem is facing hardware issues

These all problems need to be solved after identification of the exact issue to make sure that you are able to connect to the network.

The problems with the modem can be solved according to the specific issue that it is facing.

  • If the power outlet is faulty, check by using other devices on the same outlet. If found faulty, replace the outlet.
  • If the wires connecting the modem are broken, replace the wires.
  • If the modem faces software issues, you can try to restart the router. If that does not solve the issue, you can factory reset it using the reset button at the back of the device.
  • The hardware issues with the modem can be solved by calling support.

Fix 4: MAC Address Binding Problems

More often than not, the orange light on your TP-Link router signals this exact issue. Many users face this rather complicated problem.

It is difficult to understand if you do not have a technical background but we will try our best to explain the problem in detail and offer you the best solution there is that has worked for many users.

The MAC binding process refers to the process in which the IP address of the TP-link router binds to the MAC address of the device. It serves many functions but the thing that you need to remember is that this process is essential to get connected to the internet.

This is a problem with an easy solution though.

You can solve this problem with the following steps

  • Disconnect all the cables from the modem
  • The Coax cables should be left out for a while
  • Connect the power cable
  • Connect the modem to the router with the help of the ethernet cable
  • Connect it to the WAN port of the router
  • Switch the modem on
  • Now connect the Coax cable

Fix 5: Router Glitch

Now let us consider the possibility that the problem lies with the router instead. That means all the other parts of the network are working fine but you are still stuck on the sight of orange light on your router and the internet connection is bleak.

There are many reasons that the router may glitch. These are:

  • The router is connected to a faulty outlet.
  • The router is connected with broken cables
  • The router is not updated regularly and hence does not have the latest update.
  • There is a software bug on the router
  • There is a hardware problem with the router.

Many routers have the same way of getting fixed as the problems with most routers are also the same.

  • If the power outlet is faulty, connect the router to another one and replace the older one.
  • If the connected cables are worn-out, replace the cables and invest in a cable protector.
  • If the router is having software glitches, update the router to the latest firmware. You can do this by logging in and accessing the settings of the router.
  • Restart the router
  • Factory reset the router. You can do this by pressing the reset button at the back of the router.
  • Contact support.

Fix 6: Contact TP-Link 

If nothing works for you, the best solution is to call in a professional at the customer support team of TP-Link.

They can help you with the exact solution according to the make and model of your device and also solve any hardware problems with the router.


These were the solutions that you can use when you see an orange light on your TP-link router.

We hope that some of these worked for you.

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