How To Fix If “ASUS Router Shows No WiFi Lights”?

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ASUS Router Shows No WiFi Lights

It is amazing how fast ASUS has jumped to a higher spot in the technology sector. You can get the best gaming experience with the Asus devices and the other experiences with the company devices are also great.

ASUS has made so many groundbreaking developments with their devices, especially routers. If you have given a chance to ASUS for your router, then you know that the router is known for lightning-fast speed. 

The ASUS router has a high customer satisfaction score and it is rare when the device has errors that cannot be solved by normal means.

Saying all that, in this article we are going to discuss an issue with the ASUS router. We will discuss how to fix if the ASUS router shows no Wifi lights. 

We will discuss all the probable causes and then the plausible solutions to help get the router back on track in the different subheadings of this article.

Follow along for the ride to understand the issue better.

Why is the ASUS Router Shows No WiFi Lights?

If you cannot see a Wifi light on the router, this means that either your Wifi is working fine and it is just an issue with the light or it may indicate problems with the connectivity of the router.

Let us see all of the possibilities in detail.

Reason 1: The light has an issue

Can you use the Wifi? Is the connection strong?

Then this indicates nothing is wrong with your Wifi or router but there is a physical component of the router hardware that is causing the light not to work. This is not a serious problem as the connection is already strong and you are not facing any real problems.

Reason 2: The cables are loose

Whenever you see that a device connected by wires is having difficulty working, then you should first check the wires and cables.

Are the cables loose? Are the cables old? These are some questions that you need to ask because these seriously impact the functioning of the router.

Reason 3: The power outlet to the router is blown

Sometimes when the voltage changes unexpectedly due to a power outage, this can cause the power outlets to get damaged.

If you are not receiving the light on the Wifi, try connecting different devices to the same power outlet it is connected to. If the other devices do not work as well, then the power outlet is faulty.

Reason 4: Your router is not on the latest update

The router you are using may not have the latest firmware which can lead to many troubles in the system.

Many bugs go unnoticed and unsolved in such cases and the device does not work properly.

Reason 5: The radio function on the ASUS router is off

If the radio function on the ASUS router is off, then the router will not be able to connect to the internet.

In this case, you will not see a light on the Wifi option.

Reason 6: You did not press the Wifi button

Since the ASUS router provides you with a dedicated button to enable the Wifi, you must make sure the switch is turned on.

If the switch is off, the router will not connect to the Wifi and you will not see a light.

Reason 7: Internal troubles with the router

Many parts make up a router. The software that drives the router may also have glitches.

When you feel that your router is glitching, you have two options. Either restart the router or reset the router entirely. There is also one more option which is to contact support. However, in this article, we will consider that as the last resort.

How To Fix If “ASUS Router Shows No WiFi Lights”?

Now we will shed light on what solutions helped the other ASUS users to get their Router back on track after facing the Wifi problem.

Fix 1: The power outlet 

If after connecting other devices to the power outlet that powers the ASUS router, you find that the outlet is faulty, you should change the outlet or get it repaired as soon as possible. 

With a blown power outlet, the router will not get power to function or connect to the internet. The only solution to this problem is getting the outlet fixed.

Fix 2: Check the cables

There are many consequences of having a broken cable in your house. Some of them are fire hazards or the risk of electrocution that are on the dangerous side.

The other consequences can be the router not functioning and not showing a light on the Wifi. 

To solve this problem, make sure that the cable connection to the router is not loose. Also, check for any cuts or twisting breaks on the cable. If the cable is worn out, replace it and cover it with a cord protector for more safety in the future.

Fix 3: The light has an issue

If the router is functioning as it should, you are just not able to see a light on the Wifi, it could be a physical problem with the LED indicator on the router.

It is not a problem that needs your immediate attention but can be solved by calling in a technician who will replace the LED for you and also check for any other problems on the router.

Fix 4: The router is not updated

With the ASUS router, the best part is the advancement of technology. There is a dedicated app that you can use for operating your router with ease.

You can also check for updates on your router so that the firmware of the router is always updated. If the updates are not given enough importance, you may face issues like the Wifi light not blinking and the router not connecting to the internet.

You can also check for updates on the router by using a web browser. Here is how you can do that in easy steps.

  • Launch the web browser and log in to the router settings page.
  • Make sure that you enter the correct credentials
  • Right at the top, you will see an option called the Firmware version
  • The Firmware version is denoted by a set of numbers.
  • Click on the set of numbers beside the Firmware version
  • You will be redirected to the page where you can upgrade the firmware
  • Click on Check for Updates option
  • The search for updates will now begin
  • If there is a new version that you have missed, you will see it under the Check option labeled as Firmware Upgrade.
  • Click on the FIrmware upgrade option and you will get the new firmware updated on the router.

Fix 5: Press the Wifi Button

The ASUS router has a Wifi button that needs to be switched on before connecting to the internet. If it is not switched on, you will not be able to connect and therefore you will see issues like the Wifi light is not on.

Make sure that the Wifi button usually on the side of the router is switched on without fail.

Fix 6: Enable the Radio function

Another important addition to the set of rules that you need to follow to get the router connected to the internet is enabling the radio function on the router.

If the radio function is not on, you will see errors.

Here is how you can turn it on

  • Log in to the router settings with the correct credentials.
  • Navigate to Advanced Settings
  • Click on Wireless
  • You will see a menu that is placed horizontally.
  • Click on the tab labeled Professional
  • You will see the option Enable radio
  • Click on the Yes option in the front of Enable Radio option
  • Click on Apply at the bottom of the page to make sure that your settings are saved.

Fix 7: Restart the router

Many problems can be solved by a simple system refresh exercise. You can do this by restarting the router.

Here is how to do it.

  • Unplug the router and remove all the connecting wires and cords.
  • Take about a minute to let the system rest
  • Plug in all the cords once again and restart the router
  • The router will now have a fresh restart and this might solve the minor glitches in the system.

Fix 8: Reset the router

If none of the options above work for you, then you may need to do a hard rest on the router but before you go this route, there are certain things that you need to remember. The most important things is that the router will be reset to the factory settings and all your saved preferences on the system will be lost.

You will be starting from scratch after the hard reset. If you are okay with these consequences then here is how you can perform a hard reset on the ASUS router.

  • Turn around your ASUS router.
  • They have a properly labeled REset button at the back
  • Press and hold the button for about 10 seconds. The button is easily accesible by hand you do not need a pin to reach this one.
  • Release the button after 10 seconds.
  • The router wil be reset to the factory settings 
  • Wait for the router to turn on and then set your prefernces again.

Fix 9: Contact the support

If none of the above fixes have worked for you then it is time for you to get in touch with the customer support now.

The customer support team has dedicated professionals who handle the issues with ASUS devices on a daily and can give you the best solutions.


All the solutions mentioned in this blog are tried and tested by other ASUS router users on the internet. Some of the solutions are also sourced from the ASUS support when the users had to contact them.

These solutions are reliable and you can definfitely use them to solve most issues with your router. If they do not work and you encounter serious issues with the device then you should always contact the support and ask for a professional advice.

Hopefully, with the end of this blog your issues with the ASUS router also ended. Keep following for more technical content.

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