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Ubindi Overview

A complete and user-friendly registration & admin system for teacherpreneurs, or small studios.

You’ll have all the tools you need to manage and expand your teaching business thanks to this straightforward software.

The only thing you have to do is teach class; Ubindi handles everything else!

Your customers will be able to easily sign up for your online and live lessons, purchase passes and memberships (credits are automatically tracked), and buy and view your on-demand videos.

No more convoluted admin chores! Payment is simple, attendance is automated, client management is easier than ever, and group emailing becomes simple.

Ubindi streamlines the process of getting client waivers signed; it also offers a straightforward referral scheme to help you expand your clientele, and includes a customisable widget that enables you to post your schedule and services on your own website.

Ubindi is ideal for all independent instructors in any discipline! From yoga, fitness, dance, pilates, wellness, to music, languages, pottery, programming, cooking, and arts. The straightforward tools provided by Ubindi will empower all instructors regardless of what they teach.

Ubindi features

Ubindi is an intuitive platform that takes care of all this for you!:

  • taking payments & class registrations 
  • in-person classes (‘live’ or online)
  • recorded classes and video library
  • class passes & subscriptions
  • client management
  • website integration
  • client waivers
  • referral program

And with all that, Ubindi is still easy to use, both for you and your students!

1. Accept online advance payments

Accept payment via credit cards easily for class reservations, on-demand videos, passes, and memberships. You decide whether payment is mandatory, optional, or made in the form of a donation.

The awkwardness of chasing payments is a thing of the past! Life is simpler with nothing falling between the gaps, and you make more money.

2. Simple class registration & attendance

On your schedule, your students can quickly sign up for classes. Email confirmation and reminders are automatically sent. You can use your phone to take attendance during in-person classes. Ubindi automatically records attendance for online classes. You can see how you’re doing by looking at simple stats like reservations, attendance, and “no-shows.”

Even your least tech-savvy client will have no trouble signing up for a class, joining your online sessions, or accessing your videos.

3. Recorded classes and on-demand video library

If your students can’t attend class, you can give them access to on-demand videos that they may buy and watch whenever they want. Take payments for your videos (as single access, or part of a pass or membership). Videos are evergreen content for your business!

Your videos can be hosted anywhere (Zoom, YouTube, Google drive, …). They’ll play great directly on Ubindi for Vimeo or YouTube. 

4. Offer class passes 

Passes, often known as “punch cards,” encourage client participation and loyalty. You can specify the lessons or videos that are included in the package and set expiration dates for them on Ubindi.

Ubindi manages everyone’s credits, which helps you save a ton of time. Credits are automatically returned when a class is canceled or when a student cancels in advance.

5. Offer memberships

Automatic billing for subscriptions (weekly, monthly, or yearly) gives you recurring revenue, improved customer retention, and can make a huge difference to your bottom line.

Memberships are easy for your students to use, and for you it’s simple to set everything up on Ubindi.

6. Easy to handle student lists

Use tags to create groups of clients, (such as “Seniors”, “Advanced” or anything tag you like. Tags show you more specific information about your student groups.

Every student has a page where you can add notes, assign passes and credits, and view their history. Typically, there is also a picture to go with the name!

Simple stats let you quickly see who is coming regularly and who needs support.

7. Simple group emailing

There’s no need to learn complicated newsletter software. Simply build client groups by using tags and quickly send the appropriate email to the right clients at the right time.

8. Add your schedule & services to website

If you have your own website, you can show your schedule, on-demand videos, passes and memberships right there. Ubindi lets you use widgets that very easy to customize and add to your site. It’s made for non-techies, so you won’t need a programmer to help you. 

9. Get clients to sign waivers 

You can easily activate your own waiver, and before they book a class or access a video all your clients need to agree to your policy. 

10. One-click referral program to grow your business

The best strategy to expand your business is through word of mouth. With Ubindi, you can activate a straightforward referral program with just one click and reward existing students with a free class when they refer you to their friends or family. 

11. Additional assistance for online classes 

Ubindi handles all the admin tasks to make sure everything goes great for your online classes. It’s all taken care of for you: sending zoom links, class reminders, keeping it all secure, capping class size, managing attendance, payments, and credits.

Pros and cons Of Ubindi

If you want a simple lightweight system that will take care of all your admin and bookings, that is free (or only makes money when you do), easy to set up, easy for your students to use, and still gives you all the tools you need to run and grow your business, Ubindi is perfect for you. 

If you need a system that allows multiple admins, complex reporting, payroll, room/seat assignment, full white-labelling of the interface, then Ubindi will just be too simple for your needs. 

Ubindi FAQs

Is Ubindi really free? 

Yes! You can managed up to 50 students for free (forever). You don’t have to pay anything for Ubindi if you don’t use the payment platform. You can use Ubindi for free at any time, there is no “trial,” and there is no requirement to enter a credit card anywhere. If you choose to collect credit card payments from your students, Ubindi will charge a 5% platform fee for every payment you receive under the free plan. This works out to 50 cents for a $10 class registration. Ubindi only gets paid if you do.

What you can do on the free plan

. Have up to 50 students on your student list
. Manage class registrations & attendance
. Offer your clients an on-demand video library
. Accept online payments (5% platform fees)
. Sell passes & memberships
. Use group emailing & student tagging
. Add client waivers 
. Enable student referral program

How does the Ubindi Essential work?

You can sign up for the Essential plan if you have more than 50 students, or if you want to pay lesser platform fees. The Essential plan lets you manage an unlimited number of students and the Ubindi platform cost is reduced to 2% (i.e., 20 cents for a $10 class). Costs for Ubindi Essential are $10/month or $96/year (equaling $8/month). If your monthly transactions total more than $320 USD, the Essential Plan will save you money.

How do I get started and what support do you offer? 

Simply sign up on ubindi.com, make yourself a teacher account and play around! There’s nothing for you or your students to download or install. There’s a help center with full instructions on everything, that you can peruse anytime. Team Ubindi is always online (by email, chat or Zoom) and ready to help you get set up, or answer any question you may have. 

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