Uptech’s MVP Development Checklist: A Guide to Help You Create MVPs

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Uptech MVP Development Checklist overview

MVP Development Checklist is a free ebook to help you achieve product-market fit. It is a hands-on guide to designing, building, launching and iterating your product.

Introducing the MVP Development Checklist

Brought to you by the Uptech team, the MVP Development Checklist is, first and foremost, a concise, actionable checklist on how to launch or improve your next MVP.

In the ebook, you will learn the five stages of MVP that can help you understand the basic concept behind MVPs and why they are essential.

For the past six years, the Uptech team has helped entrepreneurs successfully launch their first MVPs and has also delivered over 150 projects.

As a result, the team has put this guide together for startups, drawing from a practical understanding of what works and what doesn’t.

Whether you’re just starting with your business idea or have worked at it for years, developing MVP is an integral part of the startup process.

However, it’s also one that many startups fail to grasp because they don’t take the proper steps. This ebook will teach you the fundamentals of developing an MVP and what mistakes to avoid along the way.

Did you know that building your own MVP can cost a fraction of the cost of developing a complete product? In this ebook, you’ll discover how much you can expect to spend on specific MVPs and real-life examples from successful companies that used MVP before releasing their final product.

You can skip all the guesswork and get straight to business with this ebook. After reading it, you’ll have a better idea of creating your MVP and more than a few ways to bring your product idea to life.

What are the key features of the ebook? 

1. MVP development checklist 

From the first day of your startup, you will face many decisions. The quicker you make them and get to market, the better off your startup will be.

In this ebook, you will find a downloadable MVP development checklist to help you plan, build, and launch your MVP.

Whether you’ve already built your MVP or still working out the details, these checklists will guide and streamline your development process.

2. Cost of app development

This ebook has a section dedicated to helping you understand the components that affect the costs of creating MVPs in the software world.

In addition, it provides examples of cost estimates for different types of MVP for apps such as e-commerce, social media, food delivery and live streaming apps.

3. Avoid common MVP problems 

MVP is an essential part of the startup phase. But what happens if you don’t follow the standard steps? Using guides and examples from different products developed by the Uptech team, you’ll learn how to avoid common mistakes and how to solve them if they happen.

4. Real-examples of MVPs

You can find a lot of inspiration for your MVP in other people’s MVPs. From Dropbox to Airbnb, you will find many examples of successful MVPs in the ebook.

These will give you insight into pushing the boundaries and empower you to be free to experiment with your MVP.

What are the Pros and cons of the MVP Development Checklist?


1. Well structured

The ebook begins by explaining what an MVP is and why you should care about it. From there, it covers the stages of building MVP and the cost for specific projects.

Finally, you will get into real-world examples of how companies have used MVPs, some pitfalls to avoid in your own journey and a checklist to follow throughout the MVP development process.

2. Deep research on the process

Uptech’s MVP Development Checklist is a comprehensive guide. It covers the entire development process, from ideation to iteration.

The section on the five stages of building MVP is handy, as it offers practical tips on how the MVP process works together.

3. A broad overview of MVP development cost

Uptech’s experience in launching MVPs for startups shines through in this ebook. There is a comprehensive overview of MVP development costs, including work hours and project management.

The ebook also highlights important factors determining your overall costs, such as the product scope and the number of user roles.


1. More for fresh co-founders

The MVP Development checklist is more beneficial for fresh founders than entrepreneurs who have been in the game for a while. As your company grows and changes, you will have more experience about what works and what doesn’t.

How to use the MVP Development Checklist?

One of the essential parts of this ebook is the last section, where you’ll find 22 checklists to help you get through the MVP development process.

Mind you, this is not just a checklist of items you need to tick off. Instead, the ebook provides templates and frameworks to create your MVP development process. Follow the following method to make the most out of the checklist.

  • Duplicate the workspace 
  • Read it from top to bottom.
  • Estimate the time needed for each stage based on the startup checklist.
  • Mark the stages where you don’t foresee any problems with green. Use yellow for stages that need more research and red for ones that require support from 3rd parties.

Finally, It is important to remember that you are in a marathon, not a sprint. The path will be long, and your main goal is to learn what works and what doesn’t on the stage of MVP.

FAQS about the MVP Development checklist 

Do you have experience in building MVPs?

Yes, our team has built more than 150 products in the last six years. Check out cases here. We are also building our products, including Plai (OKR management platform), YC Interviewer ( for interviewing with investors), and more. Just check out our Labs page for more info.

How much does it cost to build MVP?

That’s a complex question that is impossible to answer without looking at the components affecting each product’s cost. Each product has unique needs, depending on factors like the platform you’re developing for and the features you want to include.

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