[Fix] We Are Sorry But There Has Been An Error Connecting To FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

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In this article, we will discuss the error code that reads, “We are sorry, but there has been an error connecting to FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.” If you are playing FIFA 22 and you get this error code, this is pretty self-explanatory what the issue is. The error occur when users try try to connect to the game and then they are not able to launch the game at all.

This error means that the connection to the server of the game has been broken, and it can happen because of many reasons. Below you can find all the workarounds to get rid of the error.

Fixes For “We are sorry but there has been an error connecting to FIFA 22 Ultimate Team”

Fix 1: Take a look at the server status of FIFA 22

Since there is an issue with the server connexion, we should eliminate the issue that cannot be resolved on our end.

Check the status of the server of the FIFA 22 game and get this issue out of the way. You can do this by Googling a Down Detector tool.

In the search bar of the Down detector tool, type FIFA 22. You will now see results for the outages at FIFA 22 server. This breakdown will also tell you about the outages at specific regions because the server might not go out for everyone at the same time.

If the FIFA 22 server is down at your location, then please patiently wait for the server to get mended before you can play the game. There’s nothing else you can do except wait in this situation.

Fix 2: Check your Internet connection

You need to take a look at your Internet connexion to identify any issues with the stability and speed of your network.

If you are able to launch the game, you might be fooled into thinking that your Internet connexion is stable, but you will face issues with the different processes of the game and you will not be able to identify that without the help of an Internet speed meter.

Now you must be thinking about where you can find an Internet speed meter. You can find this through a simple Google search.

When you happen to find it, run a speed test for your Internet connexion. You will now see a report for the upload and download speed of your network.

Fix 3: There is a problem with your EA account

To play FIFA22 you have to be sure that all the issues with the EA account are sorted. If you have login issues on the EA account and the credentials are not verified, then you might face issues with the games that you’re playing.

If you feel like there is an issue with your EA account login, you can click on the forgot password link and reset your password. This can help you solve all the issues with the EA account.

Once you are sure that the problems with the EA account are sold, then you can relaunch FIFA 22 and see if the error code disappears.

Fix 4: There’s a problem with the game files of FIFA 22

If you are repeatedly facing problems with launching the game, this means that there is a problem with the game files.

This is why it might have nothing to do with your Internet connection or the server issues, but might entirely be the fault of the game files.

In this scenario, you need to verify the integrity of the game files. You need to launch your game plan and then look for the verification of the game files. Once you start the process of game file verification, the game client will delete the corrupted files and replace them with normal files. If there are any files missing from the database that are essential for the gameplay, they will also be downloaded.

Fix 5: There’s a problem with your antivirus or network firewall blocking the connection to the game

The anti-virus software and the network firewall on your device are very essential in the safety process of your device.

They are responsible for blocking the programs that are malicious and also your connection to the websites that are harmful to the device.

All the programs and websites that are blocked by the network firewall and antivirus are listed on the block list. 

If you find that FIFA 22 is also on that list, then you should remove it immediately. To make sure that this is not repeated in the future, you can also add FIFA 22 to the list of exceptions on both the anti-virus then the network firewall.

Fix 6: Restart your device

Problems with the technical glitches that are temporary on your device can be solved through a simple power cycling session.

This also helps with the conflicting programs that are running in the background.

Once you initiate a power cycling session on your device in terms of all the background processes that were harming the gameplay.

The device starts afresh and then you can launch the game without any interruptions.

Fix 7: Change the DNS server address

Your device has Domain Name System settings on the Network to make sure that the different programs and websites on the Internet can identify the IP address of your device. This is important for the identification process of your device.

Sometimes the DNS settings get messed up and we need to take care of this by changing their DNS settings.

The easiest option is to delete the primary and secondary DNS that you see on the network settings and then replace it with the Google public DNS. Make sure that you change both the primary and secondary DNS.

Fix 8: Contact the EA support team

If you’re not able to get rid of the issue through any of the solutions above, then unfortunately the only option left for you is to contact the EA support team.

They might take a long time to respond to you, but ultimately they are the only people who can help you in case you are not able to solve the issue through any other solutions above.

You can also visit user forums where other users will give you advice on what they tried when they faced the same issue as you and what helped them the most.

The most repeated solution on the user forums that we found was changing the DNS address and then re-launching the game.

To conclude

This error code on FIFA 22 is an issue that can be very irritating for some players. There are many possible reasons for this error to show up.

We have mentioned the solutions for all of these reasons and we hope that this was helpful.

Keep following for more technical and gaming-related advice. Happy gaming!!

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