How To Fix Wii U Error Code 160-0105?

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If you are seeing the following Wii U Error Code 160-0105 on your Wii consoles while trying to launch or play a game. Then, chances are that you are seeing the following as a result of a storage issue caused as a result of being connected to an incompatible external storage device.

Below we have provided some workarounds which you help you resolve the issue.

Fixes For Wii U Error Code 160-0105

Fix 1: Switch to an External Hard Drive with an independent power supply

Wii U Error Code 160-0105

According to Nintendo’s official website, it has been always advised to its users to use external hard drives with an external and independent power supply so that such errors don’t show up when trying to launch a game off such storage devices. 

And after having gone through the numerous discussion forums and threads related to the particular error, we have found that in most cases, an external hard disk without an independent power supply is one of the most common causes for the error to occur.

Wii U Error Code 160-0105

Hence, if you still are using an external storage device directly connected to your console without any independent power supply. Then, it would be a good idea to switch to one which can be connected to a different power supply to help with the following issue. 

Wii U Error 160-0105

Fix 2: Try connecting to a different USB port

If you already have an external hard drive with an independent power supply and you believe that is not the reason for the following error to occur.

Then, as has been mentioned by the user @RGV_RAGE shown below. You can try connecting a different USB port and see if that helps fix the error.  

Wii U Error 160-0105

Fix 3: Use a Y-cable

There may be times when the reason why you are seeing such an error might involve the type of cable you are using to connect the devices. 

If so, then using a different type of cable (Y-cable) as mentioned by a user online below would do the trick, if it is something of a compatibility issue arising due to the type of wire being used. 

Wii U Error 160-0105

In any case, you should give each and every combination a trial and error, before resorting to purchasing or upgrading to costlier hardware just to find the correct compatibility.

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