How To Fix Amazon Baby Registry Not Working?

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  • So many users have recently reported that the Amazon Baby registry is not working, especially when they are trying to get a discount during the checkout.
  • During our research, we have found that if you are experiencing any issues with the Amazon Baby Registry then there can be different reasons behind it, here are a few very common reasons,
    1. There is a big sale going on and it caused server overload.
    2. Amazon is having some system-wide issues.
    3. Your internet has some problems.
    4. Your device has encountered some temporary glitches.
    5. If you are trying to get any discount then it can be possible that the discount ends while you are checking out the order, or you are not eligible for the offer.

What To Do If Amazon Baby Registry Is Not Working?

Fix 1: Are Others Unable To Find Your Baby Registry?

In case you or others are facing issues while finding your Baby Registry then first make sure that your Baby Registry privacy is set to public.

If your Baby Registry privacy is set to public then you can copy your Amazon baby registry link and send it to anybody so they can easily have access to your baby registry. Otherwise, you or others have to go to Amazon and then have to search your registry name under the “baby registry”.

Note: Also please keep in mind that sometimes your registry can take a few hours to become officially public.

Fix 2: Are You Unable To Get Discounts During Checkout?

  • Check and make sure that you are logged in to the right Amazon account from which you have created your baby registry.
  • If you are unable to get a discount during checkout then check if the discount is over now. It may be possible that while you were checking out the discount offer ends.
  • If the discount offer is still going on then read the terms of the discount to make sure you are eligible for the discount offer.
  • If you are eligible for the discount offer then make sure you are following the right steps otherwise you may not receive the discount. Here are the right steps to get a discount on your Amazon baby registry products.
    • Go to the Amazon baby registry website.
    • Then log into your account.
    • Then go to the baby registry page.
    • Then scroll down to the discount section.
    • Then click on the Redeem Now tab to go to the discount page.
    • Now you will be able to get available discounts on your products.
    • Make sure to read the discount terms before adding the products to avoid any further issues.

Fix 3: Try General Troubleshoots

  • Next, check and make sure that your internet is working without any issues. You can simply try accessing any other apps or websites to confirm your internet working status.
  • If your internet is working then try cleaning the app cache data. In case you are using the Amazon website then try clearing your browser cache, or try logging into the Amazon account from your browser incognito/private mode.
  • If you are accessing the Amazon Baby Registry website from your browser then try switching to any other browser, if the issue is related to your browser then using another browser may help you with the error.
  • Next, go to the downdetector and check if Amazon is having any ongoing outages with their system.
  • If nothing above helps you with your issue then you should get in touch with the Amazon support team to get further help.

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