How To Fix Apex Legends Error Code 29?

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Apex Legends error code 29 shows up when you try to launch the game. It is most likely an application error but we still cannot say for sure what are the reasons behind it. This is why we will need to conduct in-depth research about the topic and see what other different reasons that could cause the error code 29.

In the next section, we will do exactly this as we explore the different reasons for this error code and how to solve them.

How to Fix Apex Legends error code 29?

Fix 1: Restart your device

Minor technical glitches with the device that you are using to play the game can be the cause of this error code.

These minor technical glitches also occur in too many background processes and programs working together on the device that you’re trying to play the game on. Since the game is a heavy load, it also requires that the entire or most of the memory resources of the device should be allocated to it while you’re playing the game.

If you suspect that this could be an issue with the technical glitches on your device, then the easy option is to restart your device and then re-launch the game.

Fix 2: Take a look at your Internet connection

It is no surprise that a game, like Apex Legends, needs a constant Internet connection to able to function as it needs to have a constant connection to the server to download the game on your device.

However, your internet could also be having issues without you knowing as the speed and stability of the internet cannot be seen by the naked eye and requires an internet test. To test the speed of your Internet connection you need to Google Internet speed meter. Once you find the tool, run the test for your current network connection. 

If the speed and stability of your Internet connection are not sufficient for you to play the game, you need to check your Internet Service plan and if the issue seems beyond repair, then you can also contact your Internet service provider to help you with the issue.

Fix 3: Repair the game files 

When you download the game on your device, there is an entire directory that is created about the game files. Different files perform different functions, and they’re equally important for the game to function.

If any of these files become corrupt or any of the files go missing from the directory, then you will not be able to launch the game properly.

Take care of this issue, You can repair the game files. If you have no idea how to repair the game files, you can follow the steps that we have mentioned here. 

  • Launch the Origin game client.
  • Click on the My Game Library option.
  • Find Apex Legends on the list. 
  • Right-click on the name of the game and select Repair.
  • Now the game client will scan all the game files related to Apex Legends and see if there are any corrupted files in the database.
  • If any corrupt files are found, they will be replaced and you will not have to lift a finger after initiating this process to repair the game.

Fix 4: Update the graphic drivers on your device

To play games like Apex Legends on your device, you need to have a good-quality graphics card and the graphic driver should be working properly.

If you do not have the habit to update your programs on your device then you might be facing the error due to not updating the graphic drivers on your device. 

When you face that, it would check for the latest update on the graphics driver. If you find the latest version then download it.

Once the latest version of the graphics driver is installed, re-launch the game and see if you face the same issue.

Fix 5: Delete the game and reinstall a fresh copy

You can repair the game files when only some of the files are corrupted, but if most of the files on the game that you have downloaded our character then need to get rid of the game files.

The easy way to do this is to delete the entire game and all the files related to it and then download a fresh copy of the game. This will replace all the corrupted files in the game directory and also give you an updated version of the game.

Fix 6: Check the block list of your network firewall and antivirus

The antivirus software on your device and the network firewall can block any programs running in the background that they have a suspicion about malicious activity on.

However, in some cases, they also mess up and they block programs that are not malicious at all. In most cases, these are the games that you download from the Internet.

To make sure that this is not the case with you, you can check the block list of the network firewall and antivirus.

If you find the game on the block list of any of these two software, you can remove it and then add it as an exception so that the next time you try to launch the game it will not be blocked by any of these two programs.

Fix 7: Contact the EA support team

If you have stored this file and you are still not able to find a solution for the Apex Legends error code 29, you need to contact the support team for the parent company of the game.

You can contact the EA support team and let them know what issue you are facing in launching the game.

They will identify the issue according to your current situation. They will also generate a support ticket that can be followed till the situation is eliminated. 

You can also visit the player forums where other players will give you advice about the issue. However, you should always take this advice on the player forums with a pinch of soy, because this is not a verified way to solve the issue.

To conclude

The Apex Legends error code 29 is an issue that shows up when you’re trying to launch the game. 

This can happen due to many reasons that we have mentioned above in the form of a list. We hope that we were able to help you get rid of this issue.

Keep following for more gaming and technical advice.

Happy gaming!!

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