How To Fix Blizzard Error Code Wow51900102?

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Blizzard Error Code Wow51900102

Error code WOW1900102 indicates that the network connection being used for is not sufficient. This can be due to instability or slow internet speed. In some cases, this error code may also occur if the Blizzard server is down for maintenance or experiencing high traffic.

Regardless of the cause, this guide provides simple solutions that may resolve the issue for those encountering this error code.

How To Fix Error Code WOW1900102?

Fix 1: Check Blizzard Server Status

Before attempting any troubleshooting steps, check the servers of Blizzard for any service interruptions.

We are suggesting this because the most likely cause for this error code is a server outage or maintenance.

If Blizzard is going through any scheduled maintenance or having any outage then they might have updated about it on their official Blizzard Twitter page.

If there is any scheduled maintenance or any outage going on then most likely this error code will occur.

If there is no update about any Server maintenance/ outage on the Twitter page then you can also check the server status on If there is a reported outage as per the Downdetector then wait at least 3 to 4 hours and then try again.

Fix 2: Check Your Internet Connection

An unstable internet connection or low speed can also be the reason behind this error code, as it delays the process resulting in error codes. 

So check if your internet connection has any issues, and if find any issues get it fixed.

There are a few ways to check if your internet is working:

  • Check your router or modem’s lights. Usually, a solid light indicates a working internet connection.
  • Check your internet speed. You can use an online speed test tool, such as, to test your internet connection speed.
  • Check other devices on your network. If other devices can connect to the internet, the issue may be with a specific device rather than your internet connection.
  • Also, check your cables, and make sure all your cables are plugged in correctly.

Fix 3: Power Cycle The Modem/Router

If your Blizzard is working fine on other devices and creating problems only on any particular device then Refresh your internet connection.

  • To restart the router, Power it Off.
  • Unplug the Power cable for a few minutes.
  • Plugged the power cord back into its place, and wait till the router fully restarted.
  • Now check if it has fixed the issue or not. If not then consider contacting your Internet service provider for help.

Fix 3: Optimizing Your Internet Connection

If the internet speed test results show that your internet speed is slow then you can follow the steps below to troubleshoot this problem.

  • Try plugging your computer directly into your modem to get hassle-free internet connectivity.
  • Shut down all other apps and programs that have access to the internet, it could be games or programs which require downloading.
  • There are a few internet connections that are not stable such as Satellite, mobile phone, and WiMax internet connections, and this may cause further connection issues when playing Blizzard games. If possible, consider switching to a more stable connection.

Fix 4: Make Sure Drivers & System Is Updated (For Windows PC)

Outdated drivers and operating systems can also cause a hell lot of issues while playing a game so check and make sure that your system has updated drivers and OS. 

For Windows

  • Press Windows and R Keys on your keyboard.
  • Now in the typing section, type DxDiag and click Ok 
  • It will take you to DirectX Diagnostic Tool Loads, here click on the Display tab.
  • In the device section you will find the video card’s name and manufacturer details, the current version of your driver will be listed in the Driver section.
  • Now you need to visit the manufacturer’s official website to find the most up-to-date driver, you can update your driver from here, if finding it difficult contact the manufacturer for help.
  • If your computer is new and under warranty then contact the computer manufacturer for help.

Fix 5: Release and renew your IP and flush your DNS

Here in this guide, we will provide a method on how to release, renew and flush DNS in your system, which can also help you fix this error code.

  • Press the Window key on your PC and type CMD.
  • Now press the right-click Command Prompt and select RUN as an administrator.
  • In the typing section type Ipconfig/Release and press the Enter button on the keyboard.
  • Wait for a while until you get a reply that the IP address has been released.
  • Enter Ipconfig/Release in the command prompt and press the enter button on the keyboard.
  • Now, wait for a while again until you get a reply that the IP address has been re-established.
  • Now type Ipconfig/FlushDNS in the command prompt and press enter on your keyboard.

Fix 6: Close all other applications

If you are constantly facing the issue, then try closing all other applications running in the background and restart your system.

For Windows

You can also shut down all the background running applications, by restarting the device, if it doesn’t help then go ahead with the below-given methods.

  • To shut down the background running app, open the task manager by pressing Ctrl=Shift=Esc button.
  • In the task manager tap on More Details.
  • Find and select the Startup tab.
  • Right-click on each app/game and then tap on Disable.
  • Once you have shut down all the apps/games, restart the computer.
  • Now check if you still have the error or if it has been resolved.

Fix 8: Disable Proxies if You Are Using Any

You might also face this error if you are using Proxies while playing the game.

So if you are using Proxies then we will suggest you to disable the Proxies and then try playing the game. 


  • Press Windows-R key and type inetcpl.cpl in the prompt command and press OK.
  • Select the Connections tab.
  • Then click on Never Dial a Connections (if available).
  • Then click on LAN Settings and uncheck Use a proxy server for your LAN.
  • If the above-given settings are already unchecked, then toggle on Automatically detect settings.

For Mac

  • Go to the Apple menu.
  • Then select system preferences.
  • Then tap on Network.
  • Now select the network service that you use on your system from the list.
  • Now tap on Advanced.
  • Then select Proxies.
  • Then uncheck any protocols which are enabled.
  •  Then tap on Ok to save the changes.

Fix 9: Disable The Antivirus Program Of Your Device

If the error still persists then try disabling your Antivirus Program, and then check for the error.

If disabling your Antivirus Program fixes the issue then you know the reasons behind the error.

Simply re-enable your Antivirus and then go under its setting to add the Blizzard/game under the expectation list so your Antivirus program will not interfere with the game anymore.

Here is how to disable your Antivirus program on Windows PC.

  • To disable the Antivirus program from your device open the Windows Start menu.
  • Type Windows security and press Enter on the keyboard.
  • Click on the Virus and Threat protection given on the left action bar.
  • Now scroll down to Virus and threat protection settings and click on Manage Settings.
  • Now tap on the toggle switch given under the Real-time protection to turn off the Windows Defender Antivirus.

Fix 10: Report The Error To Game Support

If you have tried all of the above-given methods and are still facing the same issue then you should report this issue to Blizzard support.

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