what do blue & green text messages mean in samsung phones?

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Last Updated on May 16, 2022

Are you seeing blue and green bubbles for text messages on your Samsung Phone? But if you don’t know what they are and what their purpose is. In this post, we are going to tell you everything about the blue and green text messages on Samsung Phones.

what do blue & green text messages mean in samsung phones

What do blue and green text messages mean in Samsung phones?

Blue Message: it means the text message was sent over wifi/mobile internet network instead of a standard text message from your carrier. It’s called RCS protocol, and it also helps the message sender find if the message is delivered and read by the receiver or not.

Green Message: It means standard text message which was sent over your phone carrier. And here it will not tell you the read status of the message.

Why are text Messages sometimes using carriers and sometimes the internet?

It’s happening because it depends on the situation. Suppose your friend is using SMS only, and on otherside you are using RCS, then the system will pick the SMS protocol.

But if you and your friend both are using RCS, then the text message will go through the RCS protocol.

Also If your friend is not connected to any mobile or WiFi network then the text message will go through SMS protocol.

What If It’s Showing Green For RCS Protocol And Blue For Standard Message?

In the first place, it should not happen because blue messages are sent over RCS protocol, and green messages are sent over standard protocol.

But if in your case the situation is the other way around then it may be your phone theme issue.

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