How To Fix “Carrier Hub Processing Requests,” Notification On Your Phone?

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Carrier Hub Processing Requests

Are you getting the continuous notification on your phone “Carrier Hub Processing Request”? If yes then in this post I am going to tell you what it’s and how to fix it.

Carrier hub is a system app that comes pre-installed in many smartphones from your manufacturer. Carrier Hub enables features and products for devices operating on the T-Mobile or Sprint, Now Part of the T-Mobile network.

Why Are You Getting “Carrier Hub Processing Requests” Notification?

This problem is mainly related to T-Mobile and Sprint. Most of the time you see this notification after restarting your phone because it tries to connect to nearby cell towers. Once it makes a connection with the nearby tower, the notification will disappear automatically.

You will be wondering that if this notification “Carrier Hub Processing Requests” should disappear once the connection is made then why are you seeing this message continuously?

This carrier hub notification is not disappearing from your phone because it is unable to make a connection to a nearby tower for some reason, and till it makes the connection you will continuously see this message.

Here are the possible reasons that’s why your phone is unable to connect with nearby towers, and as a result, you are seeing the career hub notification.

  • You are in a place where there is low network service.
  • Your mobile network provider is down, or under maintenance.
  • Or there are any other reasons so the career hub is unable to make the connection with the network.

How To Fix “Carrier Hub Processing Requests” Issue?

1. Check Update For Carrier Hub

There may be some issue with the Carrier Hub so please check if there is any pending update for the Carrier Hub. If there is any please consider updating it and check if it fixes the issue.

Here is how to check updates for the Carrier Hub,

  • Open play store.
  • Search for the Carrier Hub App.
  • Check if you are seeing any option for an update.
  • If instead of update, it show you the option to open then it means you are using updated version.

2. Rolled Out To The Previous Software Version

Many users in the Samsung community mentioned that they start receiving this notification after updating their phones. If the notifications are not disappearing for so long then you can roll back to the previous software version . This will let you get rid of this issue.

3. Disable notifications For The Carrier Hub

If any of the above-given steps don’t fix the issue then you can disable the notification for the carrier hub.

Here is how to disable notifications for the Carrier Hub app,

  • Go to your phone Settings.
  • Choose apps and notifications.
  • Now click on the three-dot icon from the top right corner.
  • Choose systems apps.
  • Look for the Carrier hub app, and tap on it.
  • Disable it.

4. Uninstall The Carrier Hub

Uninstalling the app will also disable some system features on your phone such as “voice over Wi-Fi”. 

If Carrier Hub has no use for you then you can uninstall it. But this will not be uninstalled like any other apps.

As I said, Carrier Hub is a system app and it can be only uninstalled after rooting your device, or you use ADB (Android debug bridge).

The Android Debug Bridge (commonly abbreviated as ADB) is a programming tool used for debugging Android-based devices using a USB or TCP connection. It consists of a client and server on the host PC, where the server connects to the daemon on the Android device. Available since 2007, features include a shell and the possibility to make backups. It has seen different security attacks and improvements to mitigate these. Source

Visit here to find how to uninstall the system app from your phone without root access.

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