How To Fix COD (Call Of Duty) Mobile Error 15035?

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Some games like Call of Duty are very serious about community guidelines and do not take any violations of the guidelines lightly. You will witness an error code immediately if any community guideline violation is seen. This is the case with the COD Mobile Error 15035. This error code shows up when the game detects that you have been using third-party plugins or applications to gain an unfair advantage in the game.

As mentioned above the main issue behind the error code 15035 on COD is the violation of community guidelines. However, sometimes the game interface can also make a mistake, and that’s where the other possibilities come into the picture.

How to get rid of the COD Mobile Error 15035?

Fix 1: Make sure that you are not using any third-party plugins or applications

This error specifically shows up when you are using third-party applications or plugins so it is the most prudent move to shut down these programs while playing the game so that the error can go away.

It is anyway not great to get a third-party application to help you with the gameplay. This is why as soon as you see this error, shut down any such programs before you suffer a permanent ban on your COD account.

Fix 2: Check if your internet connection is stable

It is imperative to check if the internet connection that you are using is stable and fast enough to handle the heavy gameplay for COD.

If the internet connection is not stable, you will face a lot of issues and the error code 15035 might be just one of them.

To check the quality of the internet connection, Google Internet Speed Meter. Run a test for your connection and you will have an idea of the exact speed of your connection. If you find that the speed is slow, switch from the mobile connection to a wired connection. If you are facing this issue on a wired connection, talk to your internet service provider for the issue resolution.

Fix 3: Check if the Activision server is functioning

The Activision server goes down in the instances where maintenance is scheduled or there is too much player traffic causing the server to crash.

If the server is down, usually you will not be able to connect to the game at all but in rare cases, you might see random error codes.

In this case, you need to Google down detector websites and check if the Activision server is down. If your area is facing an outage, you will have to wait for the resolution before you can play again.

Fix 4: Check for updates on the game

The version of the game that you have on your device should be the latest. If you are running an outdated version of the game, you will face compatibility issues with the game server. 

This is why when you face this error code in the game even though you are not using any third-party software then it might be attributed to the game updates.

Fix 5: Clear the game cache and data

There is some data that is stored on the device that needs to be entered repeatedly when you log into the game.

This data is stored in the form of the game cache. This data can easily get corrupt and cause issues if you forget to clear it for a long time.

Clear the game cache and data and then restart your device. This is going to remove the files that are causing issues with the game. Check if this solves your issue.

Fix 6: Restart the device

Conflicting programs in the background can cause a lot of issues with the game without you even noticing it.

This might cause technical glitches on the device that you are using for gameplay and you can get rid of the issue by restarting the device. This shuts down all the processes on the device and then you can launch the process that you want. In this case, it is the game. Not only will it remove conflicts but it will also give breathing room to the device to allocate the resources to the game.

Fix 7: Change the Device DNS settings

The device DNS settings have a great impact on the identification of the device by the game servers. 

If the settings are messed up it will interfere with the identification process and can trigger suspicious activity allegations on the game server. To make sure that this does not affect you, you can change the DNS settings to default. You can also change the DNS settings manually to the Google Public DNS.

Fix 8: Contact the Support team

All these solutions are worth a try before you contact the support team. However, if these solutions do not help you get rid of the issue, you need to register an official support ticket with the Activision Support team.

They will walk you through the trouble and let you know what to do if your account has been banned due to suspicious activity. 

You can also visit the player forums on platforms like Reddit, Facebook, and Tumblr. These platforms are the source of great conversations on the game features and errors faced by the players in the game.

Many players share advice on common error codes and also give you solutions that you will not find on the official support.

To Conclude

The error code 15035 on COD is an issue with the suspicious activity detection on the game. In rare cases, the issue might be due to other reasons like device issues, network issues, or server issues.

We have mentioned solutions regarding all the scenarios of the error code. 

Hopefully, we were able to help you get rid of the issue. Keep following for more technical and gaming advice.

Happy Gaming!!

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