Dark Mode For ESPN For Android, IOS & Desktop

by Last Updated on March 1, 2021

ESPN didn’t include the dark mode option on their website or mobile app. But there are some ways; by using them, you can easily use dark themes for ESPN. In this post, I am going to tell you, how you can enable dark mode for ESPN.

Dark Mode For ESPN

ESPN Dark Mode For Android & IOS

As I tell you, there is no dark mode option for ESPN mobile app, but if you use the ESPN website from your mobile browser, then you use a third-party dark mode browser add-on to force ESPN to use a dark theme.

Yandex is the only mobile browser that supports browser add-on. So first, you have to install the Yandex browser.

Here Are The Steps To Follow

Install Yandex

  • Go to the apps store
  • Look for Yandex browser
  • Install Yandex browser

Add Night Eye To Yandex

  • Open Yandex browser
  • Search for Night Eye browser Addon
  • Add on the extension
  • You are doneĀ 

Now you can use the ESPN website in the dark theme.

ESPN Dark Mode For Desktop

Like Smartphones, you have to use a third-party browser add-on to your desktop too, to enable dark themes for ESPN.

  • Go to your browser extension store.
  • Search for Night Eye browser add-on
  • Add-on to your browser
  • You are done

FAQS | Frequently Asked Questions

Does ESPN Have Dark Mode?

No, ESPN doesn’t have the dark mode option, but you can use any dark mode browser add-on to force ESPN to use a dark theme.

How To Disable Dark Mode For ESPN?

ESPN doesn’t have the dark mode option, so if your ESPN is showing in the dark theme. Then it means you may be using any third-party dark mode browser add-on. So simply go to your browser add-on section -> tap on the dark mode browser add-on -> turn off the dark mode.

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