How To Enable Dark Mode For Reddit For Android, IOS, & Web?

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If you are trying to access the Dark Mode for Reddit, then yes, Reddit has the inbuilt Dark Mode function for Android, IOS & web. To enable the Dark Mode for Reddit, you just need to go to the Reddit setting, and toggle on the Dark Mode option.

Also, if you are using the Android 10, IOS 13, or later versions, then you can use your system wide Dark Mode setting to automatically apply Dark Theme for Reddit.

In this guide, we are going to take you to the step by step process to enable Dark Mode for Reddit.

Dark Mode For Reddit For Android & IOS

For Android 10, IOS 13, And Later Versions

  • Open the app
  • Login to your account
  • Tap Profile Icon from the top left corner
  • Tap on the Moon icon, just beside the Setting option
  • Or tap setting -> toggle on Dark Mode
  • Other things to consider under theme settings

Auto Dark Mode: You can choose it to be off, or choose between “Follow OS setting” and “Sunrise/Sunset”. If you choose “Follow OS setting,” then the Reddit theme will change according to the smartphone theme. If you choose “Sunrise/Sunset”, then Reddit will automatically turn on dark mode in the evening and will turn it off in the morning.

Light Theme: Reddit gives users four different theme options to choose under Light Theme.

  • Alien Blue
  • Mint
  • Pony
  • Trees

Dark Theme: There are two different theme options to choose under the Dark Theme.

  • Night
  • Midnight (Amoled)

For Android 8, IOS 12 & Previous Versions

  • Tap on the Profile icon from the top left corner
  • Tap setting
  • Toggle on Dark Mode
For Android 8, IOS 12 & Previous Versions

Note: Make Sure that Auto Dark Mode option is off. If it is on, then you will not be able to turn on and off the Dark Theme willingly.

So tap on Auto Dark Mode -> untick both the given options -> tap ok.

Dark Mode For Reddit For Web

For New Reddit Website

  • Open Reddit
  • Tap the profile icon from the top Right Corner
  • Toggle on Dark Mode
Dark Mode For Reddit For Web

For Old Reddit Website

There is no inbuilt option for the Dark Mode in the old Reddit website. Even I don’t think there is any advantage of using the old Reddit Website. So our recommendation will be to shift to the new Reddit site.

If you are willing to use the Old Reddit site and still want to use the Dark Mode. Then yes, it is possible by using a Dark Mode web extension for your browser.

For the tutorial, I am using the Night Eye browser addon. You are free to use any similar addon as per your choice.

  • Go to the web extensions store.
  • Search for the Night Eye
  • Addon to browser

FAQS | Frequently Asked Questions

Does Reddit Have Dark Mode?

Yes, Reddit has the Dark Mode option for Android, IOS & Web.

How To Disable Dark Mode On Reddit?

For the smartphone app, tap on the profile icon -> setting -> toggle off dark mode. For web, tap on the profile icon from the top right corner -> toggle off dark mode.

What If Reddit Is Not Showing Any Option For Dark Mode?

If Reddit is not showing any option for Dark Mode, then please check the update for the app. Simply search for Reddit in the apps store. It will show you the option for the update if you will be using any older versions.

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