How To Fix Destiny 2 Error Code Grape?

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If you are seeing the following Destiny 2 Error Code grape while trying to play the game online. Then, it is caused most probably due to a server issue at the Bungie server end itself.

Many users have recently started complaining about the following grape error on their Destiny 2 game and could not solve the error by applying any of the general troubleshooting solutions out there.

Hence, after doing some research and follow ups on our own, we found that the following error is not related to anything wrong at the user end. But rather, has mainly to do with some problem going on at Bungie’s end itself. 

Destiny 2 Error Code Grape

Fortunately enough, Bungie’s official Twitter feed announced that they had taken care of the error and the server maintenance had been completed, solving the following error. 

They have also provided a link to their dedicated forums, where you can ask for help related to the following error or any other error you may be facing as well. 

There are however, a few users out there who have tried a few solutions on their own which seemed to have worked for them. 

If you are still facing the error. Then, you can try out these solutions and see if it helps you to deal with the following error.

Fixes For Destiny 2 Error Code grape

Fix 1: Using a VPN app

A few users facing the issue on their PC have reported that using a VPN to login to the game servers from a different region where the error is not prevalent has helped them bypass the error and play the game. 

Destiny 2 Error Code Grape

The requirements here of course needs you to play the game on a PC and have a decent VPN which you can use to change your current geo location. 

If you do not have a VPN. Then, it would be a good idea to first try a trial version of any VPN to see if using a VPN indeed fixes the error in your case. And if it helps, then you can subscribe to a VPN which works best for you.

Fix 2: Clearing Console Cache

If you are playing the Destiny 2 game on a gaming console and seeing the following error. Then, you may try clearing your console’s cache and see if doing so helps fix the issue. 

Destiny 2 Error Code Grape

You can refer to the following guide to know more about how to clear your console’s cache and fix the error.

Fix 3: Check Server Status

One very easy way to find out whether the issue is at your end or something wrong at the game’s server end itself, would be to check for the status of the game’s server either by going to websites such as downdetector, Bungie server. Or, head to their official social media outlets and check for other users facing the same error there.

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