How To Fix Destiny Error Code Apple?

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Are you currently facing the error code Apple while playing Destiny? If yes then here in this post we are going to share all the details related to the error which may help you resolve the issue.

What Is Destiny Error Code Apple? And How To Fix It?

If you are playing Destiny and have been prompted by the following Destiny Error Code on Apple. Then, according to Bungie themself as have been mentioned by user @superhellboy186 as shown below, it must be related to a general networking error

The Bungie team have mentioned and advised to troubleshoot the error by following their guide over at their official website. Hence, if it is a network problem as has been claimed by Bungie. Then, going through the guide and implementing the various steps as shown there should help you solve the following error. 

Destiny Error Code Apple

However, on the other hand things may not be that simple and might not get resolved by troubleshooting the following error as have been laid out by Bungie. 

We had done a little digging and found that many users and teams in general start facing the error whenever they are winning on a streak. And it might not be a network issue at all, like what had been explained by their support team. 

Destiny Error Code Apple

This ‘theory’ of prompting teams and users with the Destiny Error Code Apple, whenever they win games on a streak, has been backed by many users out there. 

What might have happened is that whenever the game sees that someone is winning exceptionally or gets reported by others in the game from the losing team as user @clarkchronic writes. The game might throw out the error as a result. 

Destiny Error Code Apple

And if that is the case. Then, it is definitely a big problem which the Destiny team must at the earliest consider and find a solution to solving it once and for all. 

Destiny Error Code Apple

If the error is persistent and there is just no way out or around it for you and your teammates. Then, there is always the option to contact Bungie’s customer support directly and report the problem to them, for them to look into it and fix it.

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