How To Fix DStv Now video playback error?

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Last Updated on December 7, 2022
DStv Now Video Playback Error

Videos on the DStv Now app do not always run seamlessly. In some cases, there are errors that halt video streaming.

These issues are always accompanied by error codes and in this case, we will discuss the DStv Now Video Playback error.

There are many reasons that could be the cause of the video playback error on the DStv Now app and we will discuss them in the next section where we also discuss the solutions for the different issues. 

So, let’s get you back to video streaming.

How to solve the video playback error on DStv Now?

In order to understand what can be done to eliminate the error, we need to understand the root cause of the error.

Sometimes, the issues might present to be something entirely different from what you were anticipating as the issue. 

Here are the different causes of the error with the different solutions.

Fix 1: Take a look at your internet connection and speed

Starting with the basics, the most prominent issue that you might face when you are having video playback errors on the DStv Now app is the internet connection issue.

You might think that other apps are working fine on the same internet connection and that is why your internet connection is not at fault.

This is, however, not true. When you use streaming services like DStv now, you need a stable speed that you might not need with the other apps. 

To make sure that you have a stable internet speed, check the upload and download speed of your internet connection through free online tools. 

If you find that your internet speed is low, switch your plan or switch to a more reliable internet connection if you have a choice.

Fix 2: The app is glitching

The DStv Now app regularly runs into issues with many users because of the persisting bugs on the app.

This might be a small glitch and you can easily solve this by closing the app, clearing the device memory, and then relaunching the app.

This has helped many users avoid long troubleshooting procedures when the problem was a small bug.

Fix 3: Check for app updates

DStv Now app provides users with regular updates on the app. In the newer versions, the app security is improved, persistent glitches are eliminated, and new features are added.

If you do not update the app to the latest version, you will not be able to get the benefits of the new update.

The glitches that are eliminated in the new update will still be present on your app and you might run into issues with the normal playback of the app.

Make sure that you are not missing any major updates on the app.

Fix 4: Major app glitches

There can be some issues on the app that will not be solved by simply restarting the app. You might need to entirely get rid of the app installed on your device and then download a fresh copy.

This helps users in extreme cases where no other solution gets rid of the issues on the app.

Fix 5: Check for the DStv server status

The problem might not lie at your end at all. The server that houses DStv Now content might be down.

There can be many reasons for server outages but in each case, there is nothing you can do on your end to get rid of the issue. 

You can check if the server is down through a simple Google search. The site will redirect you to down-detector websites that generate reports on the basis of user input.

Fix 6: Contact the DStv Now support

You might need to contact the support team at DStv to get rid of the video playback error if the issue is persistent and you have tried all the above solutions.

They might be able to shed light on the reasons that we might not be able to comprehend. Also, they have access to the developer tools to solve your issue through the server.

To conclude

The video playback error on DStv Now is not a major issue and usually the fixes that we have suggested for the issue work for the users.

However, if the fixes do not work, you can contact the support team to help you with the issue.

We hope that this was helpful. Keep following for more technical advice.

Happy Streaming!!

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