How To Troubleshoot Dyson Error Code F3?

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If you are using an AM09 model of Dyson fan. Then, at some point you should definitely come across the Error Code F3. Below in this article we are going to share the details related to this error so you can get rid of it.

What Is Dyson Error Code F3? And How To Fix It?

And after going through a whole lot of forums and searching for the main cause of the error online. Sadly, there was not much we could find in terms of proper long term solutions to fix the following. 

Even then, Dyson’s official customer support and documentation page does however say that you may be seeing the following error show up on your devices as a result of a hardware failure or because the room temperature is too low for it to work properly.

If it is a hardware failure. Then, there is a possibility that some component inside the device might need maintenance or replacement. 

Dyson Error Code F3

However, if the error is caused due to low room temperatures. Then, in such cases, you might need to increase the room temperature to 50 C or above for the device to start working properly.  

Dyson Error Code F3

Is replacing parts really helpful?

There are many users who had replaced parts of their respective Dyson fans as well as tried troubleshooting all possible solutions recommended by Dyson’s official customer support. But, sadly in most cases the error would always show up again in a few months or so.

Hence, what many users had to conclude and say was that it might be a device defect itself. And rather than trying to fix it everytime you face it, you might as well just try to bypass the error and use the device as usual like what has been discussed in the following video here.

In the video, the user has explained how to simply hold the power button for 10 seconds on your device or unplug it for 15 seconds and that should get rid of the error for a few days or so, before coming back again. Then, every time it comes back. You can follow the same steps and get rid of the error and go back to using your Dyson fans as usual.

What If You Still Have The Issues?

If your Dyson device does not run at all and is only showing the F3 Error message. Then, to solve it, you can try directly contacting their Customer Support and discuss the problem elaborately with them. 

And as recommended by their expert team, you can follow their instructions accordingly and try fixing the particular issue.

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