How to Fix EE Error Code 0?

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In this blog post, we are going to share the workarounds for the EE error code 0. 

The error code 0 occurs with the EE when users try to send a text message. As per our research, there is no exact reason for the error and you have to try different troubleshoots. One more thing is that this error can occur no matter what brand of smartphone you use but this error is very common for those who have Samsung phones.

We have done our research and found many workarounds which will differently help you resolve the issue. Below you can find all the workarounds to have discovered in our research.

EE Error Code 0

Fixes For EE Error Code 0

Fix 1: Restart The Phone And Check The Signals

The first thing you need to do is to restart your phone and check if you have signal bars showing. If not then this means network issues.

  • Power off your phone.
  • Then wait for around 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Then restart the phone.
  • Then check if you have signals showing, if yes then try sending the message again to check if the error continues.

Fix 2: Do You Get The Error For All The Contacts?

Check if you are having the error while sending messages for all the contacts or any specific contact. If you are having the issue while sending a message to specific contacts then try deleting the contacts and re-added them. We have found many users online who shared that re-adding the contact helped fix the issue.

Fix 3: Are You Using Two Messaging Apps?

Are you using two messaging apps on your device? One which comes default with the phone and one that you have downloaded yourself. If yes then we will suggest you make the other app your default messaging app.

For example: If you are using a Samsung smartphone, and you have one more messaging app other than the “Samsung messaging app” then we will advise you to switch between both the messaging apps by making them the default app for messaging.

Fix 4: Check If You Have Saved The Voicemail Number

If an error still comes then check if you’ve saved the voicemail number of your person. If yes then you can’t send the message to the voicemail number, so save the correct number and try sending the message again.

Fix 5: Check For Permissions

In case the error still continues then access your app settings and inspect app permissions to check if the messages allowed are on.

Fix 6: Check For An Update

Check if you need to update your messaging app or need to update your phone. If there is any pending update for the app or the phone then consider installing the updates.

Fix 7: Contact Support

If you are still stuck with the error then we will advise you to contact the EE support team to report the issue.

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