How To Turn On / Off Screen Time For IPhone Or IPad?

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Screen Time is a very helpful feature introduced by Apple with the iOS 12 so you can monitor your screen time duration for yourself or your children. As a parent, you can also set limits on what apps your children can use.

In this post, I am going to tell you how to disable or enable Screen Time on iPhone or iPad.

How To Turn On / Off Screen Time For IPhone Or IPad

How To Turn On/Off Screen Time on Your iPhone or iPad?

Note: If Screen Time is configured for a child, you will need the adult’s passcode to turn off.

  • Go to your iPhone or iPad Settings.
  • Choose Screen Time.
  • Scroll down and choose to Turn Off / On Screen Time.
  • Enter your Screen Time passcode when your phone asks for it.
  • Then choose Turn Off / On Screen Time again to confirm.

How To Turn Off/On my Screen Time passcode?

  • Go to iPhone or iPad Settings
  • Choose “Screen Time”.
  • Scroll down and choose ‘Change Screen Time Passcode.’
  • Then choose ‘Turn Off / On Screen Time Passcode.’
  • Tap “Confirm” when Pop-Up appears.

How To Change Screen Time passcode?

  • Open your iPhone or iPad Settings.
  • Choose ‘Screen Time.’
  • Then choose, ‘Change Screen Time Passcode.’
  • Choose ‘Change Screen Time Passcode’ again.
  • Enter your previous passcode.
  • Enter a new Screen Time Passcode.
  • You are done

How To Change Screen Time Passcode If You Forget Current Passcode?

  • Open your iPhone or iPad Settings.
  • Choose ‘Screen Time.’
  • Choose “Forgot Passcode”.
  • Choose “Forgot Passcode” again,
  • Enter your Apple ID and password.
  • Then follow the prompts steps to reset your passcode.

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