How Much Data Does Amazon Prime Video Use?

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Data is the new money, and people are always looking to save data. If you have a limited data plan, you should look to save data in every way possible.

To save your data, you need to measure it. Streaming services run on your internet data, therefore it is very important to know how much data they use.

This article will guide you on How much Data Amazon Prime Video uses.

How Much Data Does Amazon Prime Video Use

Video Qualities On Prime Video

There are 4 video qualities on Amazon Prime Video. There is something for everyone, the qualities are as follows:

  • Data Saver – This video quality is suitable for people who have a bad internet connection problem. The video is streamed in extremely low quality and is unwatchable sometimes. You can not play content on big screens of this quality.
  • Good – This video quality is also suitable for people with the problem of bad internet connection. Content is comparatively very better from Data Saver quality and can be watched on small and medium-sized screens.
  • Better – This quality is comparatively a lot better than the above-mentioned qualities. The content is enjoyable and very clear comparatively. If you are watching content on a small screen it is highly recommended to watch in this quality. It also works fine with big screens.
  • Best – As the name suggests, it is the best quality of video you can watch on Amazon Prime Video. The content is in high-resolution HD quality. The content is most enjoyable in this quality. It is highly recommended to use this quality on big screens like Televisions.

Note: Users can also set the video quality option as “Auto”. This option will set the video quality automatically as per your internet speed. If your speed is good and fast, the video will play in “Best” quality. 

Data usage on Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video uses data at different speeds on different qualities. If you need to track your data usage on Amazon Prime Video, follow the information given below:

  • Data Saver – This video quality uses up to 0.14 GB of data per hour.
  • Good – The Good video quality uses up to 0.38 GB of data per hour.
  • Better – This video quality is semi-HD and hence uses up to 1.48 GB of data per hour.
  • Best – This video quality is full HD and uses up to 6.84 GB of data per hour.

If the playback quality is set on “Auto”, Amazon Prime Video uses up to 3-4 GB of data per hour.


There are a lot of ways to save your data, but to save the data, you have to quantify it first. You can adapt different solutions to save your data, and you should.

When you are working on limited data, it is very difficult to watch content on “Best” video quality. The speed is almost halved when the data limit is reached.

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It can be very frustrating once the data limit is exceeded. You can measure your data usage on Amazon Prime Video by reading our article. Thank you for choosing our website.

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