How To Fix Amazon Prime Video License Error?

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There are various possibilities which can occur license error on the Prime Video, such as Amazon server is down, internet connection issues, or any bug in the prime video app.

This article will guide you through to the solutions of License Error on Amazon Prime Video. Additionally, the article also explains what causes the license error and what exactly it is.

How To Fix Amazon Prime Video License Error?

Cause of Amazon Prime Video License Error

There can be many causes of why license error happens on Amazon Prime Video. Listed below are some reasons to why license Error is happening on your device:

1. Server is Down

The most common cause for License Error on Amazon Prime Video is the issue of the server being down.

Although this does not happen very often, sometimes the server of Amazon Prime Video can be down. This can cause the license error even in downloaded videos as they are encrypted to be only played on Amazon Prime Video.

2. Internet Connection

Sometimes, this problem arises because your internet connection is not stable or has stopped working. The Internet is down almost regularly, therefore it is a big cause for license errors happening on Amazon Prime Video.

3. Bugs in App

There can be bugs in the app that can cause license errors on Amazon Prime Video. This usually happens when there is a new software update installed on your Amazon Prime Video, and the version is not thoroughly checked for bugs.

Solutions for Amazon Prime Video License Error

There are many solutions to the problem of license errors on Amazon Prime Video. We have tried to list every possible solution to help you. They are as follows:

  • Checking For Server
  • Checking Internet Connection
  • Waiting It Out
  • Check For Updates
  • Reboot Your Device
  • Re-Install Amazon Prime Video

1. Checking for server

As mentioned above, the server problem is the main problem in these situations. Make sure to check the server of Amazon Prime Video by accessing it on a different device. You can also check the server status by using many web apps that are available online.

2. Checking Internet Connection

Make sure that your internet connection is stable and is running at a good speed. Reboot your modem or router just to make sure of it. You can also use web apps to assess the stability and speed of your internet connection.

3. Waiting it out

Sometimes the simplest solution is the most effective one. Waiting it out can be a perfect solution in these situations. Sometimes the server is just down, and there is nothing you can do. 

4. Check for Updates

Check for updates for your Amazon Prime Video. The streaming service rolls out regular updates. Make sure that you regularly check for updates and install them if there are any. Usually, the older versions are stopped being supported and can cause the license issue on Amazon Prime Video.

5. Reboot your device

Just perform a system reboot of your device. Shut down your device and wait for it to cool down. After the device cools down, restart your device and check if the problem persists.

6. Re-install Amazon Prime Video

Sometimes deleting and reinstalling the Amazon Prime Video application may be helpful. Just uninstall Amazon Prime Video by the standard procedure defined for your specific device. Now, reinstall the application again to enjoy watching your favorite TV show and movies.

What Is Prime Video?

Amazon Prime Video is a leading entertainment streaming service provider in the world. The service was launched in 2006 and is now available in over 200 countries. The streaming service has picked up pace in the latter half of the last decade.

Streaming services have penetrated every home in the world and have become an essential of some sort. The content listed is suitable for everyone in a family, from the elderly to the very youngest.

Most streaming services offer a “Kids” version of their website, and so does Amazon Prime Video.

Almost all the traditional channels of cable television have launched their respective online streaming platforms. Amazon Prime Video has one of the biggest catalogs of titles present on a streaming platform.


The license error in Amazon Prime Video usually happens when the server is temporarily down. In such cases, do not worry, Amazon Prime Video acts swiftly, and the issue is solved mostly in just a matter of minutes.

However, we have tried to provide you with a whole picture. We have listed possible reasons why this problem persists.

Also, we have listed several solutions to the Amazon Prime Video License Error. Thank you for reading our article. Share our website with your friends and come back for more solutions.

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