How To Use Amazon Digital Rewards?

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If you are having a hard time finding the Digital rewards section on your Amazon account dashboard or don’t know How to use Amazon Digital rewards to make the most out of it. Then, we hope the following article helps answer all your questions. 

How To Use Amazon Digital Rewards

Most often, it is seen that users have a hard time finding the option for availing their Amazon Digital reward points or how to use these Amazon Digital rewards when purchasing items through Amazon. 

Obviously, it is not rocket science. But, given the fact that there is so much there on the dashboard. It does become too difficult to find things every now and then when you need them. 

Moreover, since not all products can be bought with Amazon Rewards just makes life a little more difficult while choosing what to buy and what not too.

How To Use Amazon Digital Rewards

How To Use Amazon Digital Rewards?

Usually, it is mentioned that Amazon only lets you use your Amazon Digital reward points in purchases of objects or products directly sold by Amazon itself. And you can’t do the same for products sold on Amazon by third-party sellers. So, unless and until it is a product or ebook sold by Amazon itself. Then, in most cases you cannot seem to use your rewards during such purchases. 

How To Use Amazon Digital Rewards

However, if you have a product that is sold by Amazon and know that you should be able to use reward points for that particular product. Then, all you need to do to avail such a product is simply do a 1-click on the product and the amount after deducting your reward points should automatically show up on your in-voice. 

Amazon Digital Rewards

As for those who do not know how much balance they have in their rewards wallet, or don’t know where to look it up. You can head to the following link while logged in into your Amazon account and you should be able to find the balance there. 

To know more Amazon Digital Rewards, as well as what you can do or not do with it. You can refer to the following video guide as shown below. This tutorial pretty much covers up everything you need to know about Rewards as well as How to use Amazon Digital rewards the correct and efficient way.

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