How To fix IRS transmission error 2602?

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IRS Transmission Error 2602

Are you having transmission error 2602 with the IRS while filing your return?

If yes then in this post we are going to share the steps which you can take in order to get over IRS transmission error 2602. 

How To Fix IRS Transmission Error 2602?

If you are getting the IRS Transmission Error 2602 then it’s not your fault, instead, the error is coming from the IRS’s end.

This error may take place whenever there are updates on IRS, so if you are getting this error then we suggest you wait for few hours or 1 day, and then try again.

If in case it’s your last date or any other kind of emergency then you can contact IRS support, and authorize the IRS to file on your behalf.

To contact the IRS you can visit

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