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League of Legends Error Code Ou

League of Legends is a great game to play with great graphics. However, there are many issues that could be related to the development of the game.

The game server is designed in a way that the launch client operates two different functions at the same time.

One function controls the Menu of the game where you can talk to other players before starting the game and the other function helps launch and maintain the game.

This dive3rsification of the Riot Client to serve two purposes has not been very popular because players have experienced that it slows the game down and the performance is reduced.

The League of Legends error code 0u is related to the failure of the game client launch and the problems with the updates in the game. 

We will discuss the fixes that have helped the players get rid of this error code.

How to solve the error code 0u in the game the League of Legends?

This error is a development issue with the platform and its mechanism of simultaneously handling two functions on one game client.

So, there is very little you can do unless the game team decides to solve the issue but if you are facing this problem temporarily due to a glitch on your device or connection, you can apply the fixes that we are discussing below.

Fix 1: Check for damage in the game files

When you download a game, many files downloaded on your system communicate with the server.

This is how the game stores your progress and preferences on the system. However, if these files are damaged, you will not be able to launch the game.

How can you check if the game files are damaged? 

You will need to run a troubleshooting test on the computer and you will get to know if there are any damaged files.

The troubleshooting test can include running a test on the hard drive or running an SFC scan. When youtube an SFC scan, the damaged files are also replaced with the new ones.

Fix 2: Delete the game files and reinstall 

Extending the last point, if you cannot solve the problem by identification of the damaged game files, you will need to get rid of the files.

When you delete the game from the system, the damaged files are removed. After this, you can reinstall a fresh version of the game that does not have any issues.

You can also try to look for a new game update before you delete the game. Very rarely, this will also replace the damaged game files on the computer.

Fix 3: Check for regular updates on the game

Not just in the case of damaged files, you should also look for game updates every chance you get.

Sometimes, a new update drops, and you either ignore the notification or you do not get a notification about the same.

This will cause the game to be out of the latest version update loop and many bugs that are removed in the new version will show up to ruin your fun.

Turn on the updates to automatic install to avoid forgetting.

Fix 4: Check if your firewall allows the game to run

The Firewall can be a great tool if you monitor the list of websites that it blocks. Most of the time it only blocks the websites that are a threat but sometimes, it takes extra measures and blocks the websites that are not problematic.

Check the blocklist of the firewall and look for the game. If you find the game website there, remove it from the list and add it as an exception so that other processes related to the game are also exempted from the firewall.

Fix 5: The issue is on the platform’s end

As we mentioned in the beginning this is generally the multitasking issue with the platform that causes the error code.

The game client fails to launch the game and you face the issue.

In this case, all you can do is drop a complaint with the game support team and wait for them to resolve the issue.

Normally, the issue is resolved early because the chances are many players are facing the error code altogether.

To conclude

The error code 0u on the League of Legends is a developer issue due to the game client’s multitasking.

You can not do much with the issue to solve it unless the issue is on your side. We have suggested the fixes for that.

Hopefully, this article was helpful in getting you back to the game, and in case it was not, it must be a server issue.

Keep following for more technical and gaming advice. We regularly post such content on our platform.

Happy Gaming!!

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