How To Troubleshoot Minecraft Error Code 80073D02?

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If you are playing Minecraft and have recently come across the following Minecraft Error Code 80073D02 message. Then, chances are you are facing the following as a result of an issue with your Microsoft store and the game you are trying to install or have already installed which is giving you the error.

Minecraft Error Code 80073D02

According to what Xbox’s official support page says, a conflict with a game being open and you trying to install an update such a game might result in the following error to occur in most cases. 

There might of course be other reasons as well, such as a cache issue with your Windows Store or a bug problem within the game itself that might be responsible for causing the particular error to occur. 

However, be it whatever reason, after having done our research and going through a number of forums, we have finally managed to compile some of the most effective solutions out there with the help of which you should be able to solve the error on your own.

Fixes For Minecraft Error Code 80073D02

Fix 1: Reset Windows Store Cache 

Out of all the solutions, one fix which seemed to have been quite popular out there would be to try and reset the Windows Store cache memory. 

Minecraft Error 80073D02
Minecraft Error 80073D02

And thus, you can reset your Windows Store Cache by following the steps as shown below:

  • Head to your Windows Search bar and type in Run to search for the Run app. Or, you can also press and hold both the Windows + R shortcut keys on your keyboard at the same time to open the Run app. 
  • For the next step, inside the Run app text box, you will need to type in the following WSReset.exe and hit on the OK button.
Error Code 80073D02
  • Doing this will run the WSReset.exe file and you should be able to reset your Windows Store app. 

Once your Windows Store has been resetted, freshly update your game and see if the error still persists when you try to launch the game.

Fix 2: Close the game before updating 

As mentioned above, the official support page mentions that the reason why the following error might occur is when you are trying to update the game while it is already open on your system. 

Minecraft Error Code 80073D02

If that is indeed what is happening in your case as well. Then, it would be a good idea to close the game before continuing with the install or starting a fresh install again.

Fix 3: Check your OS and game versions

Sometimes, an incompatibility issue between your Operating System and the game might also result in the following error to occur. 

Minecraft Error Code 80073D02

 In such cases, it is thus important that you check the compatibility of the game you are installing or have installed, with the required softwares or versions needed to the game properly. 

You can deal with the following by keeping both your OS, Store as well as the game updated to the most recent versions. This way in most cases everything on your system should be compatible with each other and prevent such errors from showing up.

Fix 4: Run Minecraft as an Admin

A few users have also reported that running the game as an Administrator helped them deal with the following issue. 

Hence, you too can try running the game as an admin to see if doing so helps you get rid of the error by giving the app full privilege and permissions. 

To do this, all you need to do is simply right-click on the Minecraft app and select the Run as administrator option from the menu list. 

If this method works, then you can also keep this way of launching the app as default as shown in the steps below:

  • Right-click on the Minecraft app.
  • Then, from the drop down menu list, click on the Properties option. 
  • On the properties page, head to the Compatibility section and check mark the Run this program as an administrator option.
Error 80073D02
  • Save the changes by hitting on the Apply and OK button and you should be able to launch the game as an admin every time.

Fix 5: Troubleshoot checklist

To take care of minor bugs or glitches within the system causing the error. You might want to check out the following guide, which covers all small troubleshoots out there to help you fix problems with apps from Microsoft Store.


Apart from the solutions mentioned above. You can also try a few more fixes such as Uninstalling and reinstalling the Microsoft Store app or the game app or repairing your OS with a third party repair program to get rid of any corrupted system files or bugs that might be causing the error to occur. 

And if none of the above mentioned solutions work for you. Then, it would be a good idea to directly contact Minecraft or Microsoft’s official customer support and discuss the problem with them, to come up with a solution which works for you. 

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